5 Cricketers Who Married Their Friend’s Wife Or Relatives

Call it on the silver screens or on the lush green fields, fans are always expecting a lot more than the mainstream. They would scramble harder for ingredients of gossip than they would for their foods. Sounds funny but its a fact.

Especially if that gossip is about a celebrity doing an extra-marital affair or probably getting hitched to his friend’s girl or some relative of his, the material to talk is juicier.

We will look at five cricketers who got hitched to either his friend’s girlfriend or wife or even to one’s close relative.

1. Shahid and Nadia Afridi

Pakistan’s former captain and one of the world’s most aggressive batsmen of all time, Shahid Afridi got hitched to his maternal cousin, Nadia Afridi. This however, was not a love arrangement. This happened under the strict supervision of Shahid Afridi’s father.

The couple now has five children together.

2. Saeed Anwar and Lubna

Pakistan’s best opener of all time, Saaed Anwar got married to his cousin Lubna who is a doctor. However, the couple had to face a very dark phase as they lost their daughter in 2001.

3. Upul Tharanga and Nilanka Tharanga

Upul Tharanga got married to his teammate’s ex-wife, Tilakaratne Dilshan.

Dilshan came to know about the rumored relationship between Nilanka and Upul and decided to call it quits. It was then when the latter pair got hitched.

4. Virender Sehwag and Aarti Ahlawat

One of India’s most destructive openers of all time, Sehwag got hitched with his remote relative, Aarti. The couple was dating for quite a while before tying the nuptial knot in 2004.

5. Murli Vijay and Nikita Vanjara

Initially, it was Dinesh Kartik who was dating Nikita. However, tables turned when during IPL 2012, Kartik parted ways with Nikita.

It was all over the place that Nikita was dating Murli Vijay.

They even got married, however, the espousal lasted only for five years.

Information source: Storypedia

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