5 Cricketers Who Missed Matches Due To Non-Cricketing Reasons

Cricket is one of the most followed sports in the world. The players playing at the top level are followed by hundreds of millions of fans. The fans are always looking forward to watching their favorite players on the field. Playing at the top level can be physically and mentally draining.
So, as the career progresses we see a lot of players missing a few matches due to injuries and personal reasons. While a break is necessary for players to retain fitness, we have seen some players miss matches due to weird reasons. So, let us look at some cricketers who missed matches due to bizarre circumstances.

5. Gautam Gambhir:

In 2009, Gautam Gambhir could not put a foot wrong as he was having a purple patch. The left-handed batsman played a key role in the success of Indian cricket team in all formats of the game. The Delhi batsman wrote to the management to let him miss the third match of the series against Sri Lanka.
He wanted to miss the match in order to attend his sister’s wedding reception. The team management accepted his request but it drew a backlash from former cricketers and fans.

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