5 Most Famous Hit-Wicket Dismissals In International Cricket

In this game of cricket, getting dismissed hit-wickets is one of the most embarrassing ways for a batsman to get out. It might happen either due to bowler’s skill or because of a batsman’s mistake. There have been instances when the best of the cricketers fell pray to hit-wickets. Have a look at the 5 instances:

1. Sachin Tendulkar vs Australia (2008):

During the tri-series opener in the year 2008, Sachin Tendulkar became the third to be out hit-wicket in ODIs. The incident happened in the seventh over of the Indian innings. It was a Brett Lee’s fast delivery that pushed Sachin Tendulkar on the back-foot. While Tendulkar tried to nudge the delivery towards the on-side, he unknowingly made contact with stumps with his feet.

2. Virat Kohli vs England (2016):

The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli was another player to fell prey to this weird mode of dismissal. It was during the penultimate day of the first Test in Rajkot against England in the year 2016. Virat Kohli looked all set to smash some runs, however, the weird mode of dismissal got him down.

This incident happened in the  120th over of the Indian first innings, Virat Kohli, who was on 40, smashed a short Adil Rashid delivery towards the short mid-wicket region. However, while doing so, he touched the stumps with his feet and dislodged the bails.

3. Inzamam-ul-Haq vs England (2006):

Throughout his career, Inzamam-ul-Haq has had several dismissals through run-outs. However, he had this funny and embarrassing dismissal that happened on the field by the former Pakistan captain- getting out hit-wicket.

It happened during the third Test in Leeds against England in 2006 when the Pakistan captain tried to smash spinner Monty Panesar. However, while doing so, Haq got himself into an awkward position as he tried to get up but fell on the stumps.

4. AB de Villiers vs Australia (2009):

Probably this one is the most painful dismissal in the glorious career of AB de Villiers. This happened during the first T20I against Australia at the MCG in 2009, AB de Villiers succumbed to quick short-ball from Shaun Tait.

AB had just arrived on the crease when this happened during the fourth ball, which was also the first one from Shaun Tait, became the last ball for AB de Villiers. AB attempted a pull-shot off a pacey Tait delivery, however, he failed to make contact between bat and ball. And in no time AB was seen crouching in pain, and he fell on the ground after hitting the stumps with his bat.

5. Sunil Ambris vs New Zealand (2017):

Sunil Ambris is the first player to get dismissed hit-wicket for a golden duck (out first ball) on his debut. This incident took place during the first Test of West Indies’ 2017 series against New Zealand in Wellington.

Neil Wagner was bowling at the moment and during this process, Sunil Ambris became the sixth player in Test history, to get out on a golden duck. However, while trying score a six, Sunil Ambris experienced the most embarrassing dismissal.

During the second Test in Hamilton, Ambris was once again dismissed by a hit-wicket to a Trent Boult delivery.

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