5 Most Infamous 'India vs Pakistan' On-Field Fights Between Players

5 Most Infamous ‘India vs Pakistan’ On-Field Fights Between Players

India-Pakistan game is always a very high-pressure game and neither of the two teams is ready to give an inch to the opposition while the match is on. Because of such a high amount of pressure, altercations are very common in an India-Pakistan encounter.

Here are the 5 instances where the Pakistani players had an on-field altercation against India:

Kiran More vs Javed Miandad (1992)

This was a World Cup match in Australia where the Indian wicket-keeper Kiran More was appealing a bit too much behind the stumps to create a bit of pressure on Pakistan’s best batsman Javed Miandad.

Miandad obviously did not like it, but he ignored it initially. However, it eventually got to a point where Miandad had enough of More’s appealing and he decided to mock the Indian stumper.

To make fun of More’s appealing, Miandad started jumping after pushing the ball towards the offside. The right-hander was obviously very angry.

Aamer Sohail vs Venkatesh Prasad (1996)

This was a World Cup game as well and the stand-in Pakistani captain Aamer Sohail was going great guns in that game. He was smashing the Indian bowlers to all parts of the ground and in that particular over; he came down the track and thumped Venkatesh Prasad through the off side for a dismissive boundary.

Sohail, thereafter, gestured towards Prasad that he would hit him through the same region off the next ball as well, but as it turned out, Prasad actually cleaned up Sohail on the next ball and gave him an angry send-off.

Shahid Afridi vs MS Dhoni (2005)

This was the first time that Dhoni was batting at no. 3 for India and the Pakistani bowlers including Afridi didn’t have too much of an idea about him.

When Dhoni hit Afridi for a four inside out over covers, the Pakistani leg-spinner didn’t like it at all and said something to Dhoni in quite an angry fashion.

Dhoni, being the cool bloke that he is, didn’t reply back verbally, but he gave a fitting answer on the very next ball as he smashed Afridi through the same region again, this time for a six.

Shahid Afridi vs Gautam Gambhir (2007)

Afridi and Gambhir never got along with each other after the bilateral series in 2007 where they got involved in an ugly argument with each other.

Afridi was not happy about the fact that Gambhir was running towards him while coming to the non-striker’s end, while Gambhir felt that he was running in the straight line and Afridi had to move aside.

Afridi, on the other hand, though he was just standing in his follow-through. The argument between the two was eventually stopped by the on-field umpires.

Shoaib Akhtar vs Harbhajan Singh (2010)

This was an Asia Cup game that was pretty close with India having lost a few wickets and being slightly under pressure. Shoaib Akhtar was bowling extremely quickly and was trying to wipe out India’s tail.

But, at a very crucial juncture of the game, the Indian tail-ender Harbhajan Singh hit Shoaib for a huge six which definitely didn’t go down well with the Pakistani speedster, as he had a verbal altercation with Harbhajan.

Harbhajan, however, later won that game for India.

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