6 Changes We Might See In Cricket Due To Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world as the people are locked inside their homes. The planet has come to a standstill as every individual is contributing his bit in this global battle. Sportsmen from all corners of the world have stopped playing thanks to the restrictions that the various sports bodies have laid down.

Talking about cricket, a few T10 competitions have begun in the remote parts of the cricketing world of late. However, there has been no international match since March. The cricketers have expressed their readiness to play behind closed doors. But, just barring the audience from watching the games live would not be enough to keep the cricketers safe. Here are the six major changes that the cricket world can witness because of COVID-19.

No Saliva

The International Cricket Council has already made it clear that the bowlers and the fielders will not have the permission to shine the ball with their saliva on the field. Usually, the fielding team tries to maintain the shine of the ball with their saliva. This move helps the fast bowlers swing their deliveries. However, this rule will no longer allow them to do so.

No on-field celebrations

Players like Suresh Raina would not have the permit to go and hug the bowlers when they take a wicket for the team. Instead, the ICC would instruct the fielding team to celebrate like Imran Tahir after the COVID-19 break. Running away from the team would be a better way to celebrate than to get together and congratulate each other.

Masks on the field

No fan would love to watch in this form, but the probability that the cricketers take the field with masks on their faces is very high. This change would have a negative impact on the audience’s view. However, it will be necessary for the players to wear masks.

Empty Stadiums

As mentioned ahead, the cricketing stars have accepted this change and they would not mind playing cricket in empty stadiums. In case you forgot, Australia and New Zealand had competed in an ODI match behind closed doors. Also, a few PSL matches had happened with no audience. Hence, the chances that future games happen behind closed doors are very high.

Social distancing with umpires

The players may not have the permission to give their sweat towels to the on-field umpires. Similarly, they could not give their jumpers to the match officials to make sure that the rules of social distancing do not break.

Social distancing in dressing rooms

Another place where the players will have to follow the rules of social distancing will be dressing rooms. Even if just one official tests positive for COVID-19, then the entire team will be at risk. Hence, social distancing will be a must in dressing rooms.

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