Ben Stokes Criticised MS Dhoni For His Performance In The World Cup 2019

The all-rounder of England’s cricket team, Ben Stokes was baffled by Team India’s run-chase strategy during their World Cup game last year, where he found the approach of the Indian skipper Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma as “mystifying” and also claimed that MS Dhoni showed  “no intent” during the run chase.

Well, during a game at Birmingham, where team India was beaten by 31 runs as they failed to chase England’s massive score of 337 for 7 last year. England cricket team lifted the 2019 World Cup at home on the back of some stellar performances.

Ben Stokes is all set to publish his new book called ‘On Fire’ and there have been a few excerpts from the book already released in the media. In the book, he questioned the performances of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and MS Dhoni.

England all-rounder Ben Stokes believes that team India had high chances of winning the cup when MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav were batting together. The excerpt read:

“Arguably, the way MS Dhoni played when he came in with 112 runs needed from 11 overs was even stranger. He appeared more intent on singles than sixes. Even with a dozen balls remaining, India could still have won. There was little or no intent from him [Dhoni] or his partner Kedar Jadhav. To me, while victory is still possible you always go for broke,”

During the match, MS Dhoni remained unbeaten on 42 off 31 balls but most of the runs, out of which, most of the runs came when the contest was about to be over.

“There is a theory in our camp that Dhoni’s way of playing has always been the same. Even if India can’t win the game, he takes it right to the end to try to make sure that India’s run rate stays relatively healthy,” 

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