Danish Kaneria Revealed How Shahid Afridi Ruined His Career

The former Pakistani spinner Danish Kaneria has been very vocal about the injustice down towards him from the past 5-6 months. It was a few months ago when Danish Kaneria thanked Shoaib Akhtar’s claims of discrimination against him done by the Pakistani team. Shoaib Akhtar had claimed that he would take the names of the responsible cricketers, who discriminated Danish Kaneria.

Now, Danish Kaneria has finally opened up about the claims and has blamed Shahid Afridi for misbehaving with him and discriminating him all through his career. Danish also went on to blame for his short-lived carer for Pakistan. Talking to PTI, Shahid Afridi revealed:

He was always against me, when we were playing for the same department in domestic cricket or playing me in ODIs. If one person is always against you and you are in that situation, what other reason would think other than that (religion),”


He added:

I could not play more ODIs because of him and he also treated me unfairly when we used to play for the same department (in domestic cricket), he was the captain. He used to keep me out of the side and often he would do the same in ODIs without any reason.

“He used to support others but not me. Thanks to almighty, I still went on to play a lot for Pakistan and I could not be more proud of that.”

Danish Kaneria accused Shahid Afridi stating that the reason behind his discrimination and miss behavior was his game and his religion. He revealed:

“I was a leg spinner and so was he. That was another reason. He was a big star and playing for Pakistan anyway and to treat me like that, I could not understand why. They used to say two spinners can’t play in the eleven. They used to say my fielding was an issue in limited overs cricket. You tell me who were the supremely fit fielders at that time? There were only one or two good fielders. Pakistan was never known for fielding anyway.

He added:

“When not playing international cricket, he used to come back and drop me from the departmental team.”

Danish Kaneria, who was suspended from playing cricket because of spot-fixing charges. He revealed that he has been seeking PCB’s help for a long time. He said:

I dont want to play the religion card. All I want is PCB’s support. If they can allow Mohammad Aamir, Salman Butt back into the system, why not me?”Yes, I made a mistake but so did others. They can’t use and throw me like a toilet paper. I have served Pakistan for a long time and they should support me after all these years”


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