Funniest Moments On Cricket Field That Are Hard To Forget

Cricket is a “Gentleman’s game” and cricketers play the game very seriously. However, every now and then we have witnessed hilarious incidents taking place on-field, which never fails to tickle the funny bones of the viewers and the players alike. While there have been many hilarious moments in cricketing history, some of them stand-out.
Here, in this article, we bring you some of the funniest incidents that took place in cricket history. Have a look:
1. Lou Vincent:

This has to be one of the funniest moments to have taken place on-field. This happened when Kiwi fielder Lou Vincent was trying to save a boundary but while doing so his pants accidentally came down during the fielding attempt to everyone’s surprise.
2. Mark Richardson:

This moment happened during an India vs New Zealand match when Mark suddenly faced muscle cramps after hitting a shot. However, the way he fell down and started gyrating along with the sounds that he made, brought the whole stadium along with the players laughing.
3. Tillakaratne Dilshan:

This happened during a match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, when Dilshan celebrated the dismissal by raising the ball high in the air, however, he got a lesson of gravity. Well, the ball came back on Dilshan’s head, leaving everyone in splits.
4. Billy Bowden:

Billy Bowden is known for bringing a unique flavor to the match. Frim signaling wide, out or a boundary, Billy’s bizarre signals used to bring delight for the cricket fans worldwide.
5. Andrew Strauss:

This hilarious incident happened during a test match between England and South Africa. Well, what happened was Andrew caught the ball, his sunglasses came off in the air and as he threw the ball towards the air, his sunglasses started floating in the air and came down into the ball’s path.
6. Ajit Agarkar:

Ajit Agarkar was one of the vital players of the Indian bowling back in the early 2000s. Besides his bowling skills, he also proved his proficiency with the bat. However, during a tour against Australia, Ajit Agarkar faced seven consecutive ducks in back-to-back seven matches. But when he finally opened his account against the Australians and scored a run, Ajit Agarkar celebrated by raising his bat in the air as if he has scored a century.
7. Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar, who is regarded as one of the greatest cricketers to have played the game of cricket. Sachin always had things under his control, however, on this particular occasion, things slipped out of his hands.
This hilarious incident happened when Sachin and Anil Kumble were batting. Sachin tried to move the ball on the side and ran to score a single but when they try to run for a second run, both of them were not on the same page, which led to a state of confusion and the batting maestro was almost run-out however, the wicket-keeper made a careless fumbling. Explaining the hilarious moment, the commentators said: “it looks like a circus down there”

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