Meet The 5 Tallest ‘Giants’ Cricketers In The World

5 Tallest Cricketers In The World: We all have had our sturdy fascinations towards tall players who could rake the balls up on the pitch that not only dampened batsmen’s spirits but made them contemplate severely before committing forward to deliveries.

This list will aim at compiling the five tallest cricketers who are still active in the international cricketing circuit and have quite frequently tormented their oppositions, making good use of their heights.

Despite questionable calls and borderline decisions, we chose to omit Suleiman Benn of West Indies who towers at 6 ft 7 inches due to his absence from international cricket for the last 5 years and also Steven Finn who has a similar height of 6ft 7 inches but hasn’t played any international cricket since 2017.

Mitchell Starc – 6 ft 5 inches (1.96 m)

Australia’s primary bowling weapon clocking regularly between 140-145 kays, Mitchell Starc towers at 6 feet 5 inches. With lethal reverse swing up his sleeves, Starc has been the torment-in-chief for his opposition right since his arrival in 2011.

With 422 international wickets, Mitchell Starc, making some devastating use of his height is still very much en route to greatness.

Jason Holder – 6 ft 6 inches (1.97 m)

Currently the Test captain of West Indies, Jason Holder is a monster at 6 feet 6 inches. An extremely crucial moniker in the Caribbean ranks, Holder can wreak havoc both with the ball and the bat.

The most intriguing part about his bowling dexterity is his consistency in perfect line and lengths at a medium pace which is a very rare sight these days. Also, you do not want him coming out to bat if you are defending a low total, because he has the capability to destroy any opposition on his given day with zero mercy.

Boyd Rankin – 6 ft 8 inches (2.03 m)

The only batsman to make this list of heights is Ireland’s batting stalwart, Boyd Rankin. He also went on to play for England for 2013-14 but returned to his former nation to pursue his greatness.

Hailing down at 6 feet 8 inches, Rankin is one of the most dominant Irish batters to reckon. Exceptionally calm and aggressive at the same time, Rankin can wreak carnage upon his opponents if he gets going.

Alongside some brilliant batting flair, Rankin also brags about his tryst with the ball as he is extremely handy with his medium-pace whenever his team needs him.

Billy Stanlake – 6 ft 8 inches (2.04 m)

Though he hasn’t been around for a year now, Billy Stanlake has proven himself to be highly instrumental in a few rare occasions. He is the tallest Australian bowler to represent Australia in the international circuit.

With his speed clocking almost regularly around 140 kays, Billy Stanlake has the capability to astonish a batsman with a sudden yorker when you are least expecting it. However, due to certain inconsistencies, he is still to leave an imperative stamp in international cricket.

Mohammad Irfan – 7 ft 1 inch (2.16 m)

From being a phenomenal force in the international circuit to being reduced to only the shortest format of the game, Mohammad Irfan aces the list at 7 feet 1 inch.

With deliveries speeding at 145 kmph hurling down from that height, it is not really easy for batsmen to make themselves at home against this Pakistan stalwart.

However, his height also played a very crucial role in unsettling himself. With a very unorthodox bowling action that actually seemed uncomfortable due to his height, he wears out earlier than other bowlers do.

This is probably one of the reasons for his sharp decline, however, his role in the 2015 World Cup made him a remarkable faster bowler in the game’s history.

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