Sania Mirza Revealed The Thing That She Hates About Shoaib Malik

Former Pakistani skipper Shoaib Malik and India’s ace tennis star Sania Mirza are, arguably, the most adorable couple in the sports world. This adorable Indo-Pak couple has been together for more than ten years now. In 2018, the couple was blessed with a baby boy, named Izhaan Mirza Malik.

The love story of this beautiful couple is no less than any Bollywood movie. Their wedding got a lot of attention from the media as both of them were top sports stars from both the countries. At the time of their wedding, there was massive outrage in both countries. However, beating all the odds, after even 10 years, they are still one of the most celebrated couples.

Recently, India’s ace tennis star Sania Mirza spilled beans about her married life during a conversation with Pakistani sports presenter Zainab Abbas. During the interview, Sania Mirza revealed about a habit of Shoaib Malik that she doesn’t like at all. As per her, Shoaib doesn’t speak his mind up properly, especially during an argument. She revealed:

So when we are having a conversation, and he doesn’t speak, especially when we are having an argument or something and he just keeps quiet. I want to break something because I’m like ‘Can you just speak and finish it off because then it’s gonna lag’,”

shoaib malik sania mirza

She added:

“I’m like this person who wants to get it over with, and he (Shoaib) is that person who wants to be like ‘Aaram se baat karenge (we will talk slowly)’. He will just look at his phone, and I just go blah, blah blah (constant chatting), so I hate that, I can’t stand it,”

Sania Mirza was also asked about her one quality that her husband doesn’t like about her. Answering which, she revealed:

“I think that I’m really impatient. I guess that’s what he probably dislikes the most about me”

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