Virat Kohli Opens Up About The Idea Of Playing Cricket In Empty Stadiums

The sporting scenario has come to a halt after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many major tournaments and events around the world have either been suspended or canceled, including the most-awaited Indian Premier League. If it wouldn’t have been the Coronavirus pandemic, several players around the world would have been locking horns against each other in IPL.

Amidst such circumstances, several members of the cricketing fraternity have suggested the idea of playing the IPL 2020 under closed doors. The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, who is currently spending his quarantine period with his wife, shared his opinion over the same.

Talking about the same, Virat Kohli said that a cricket fraternity without a crowd isn’t the same. However, he feels that it is the only viable option left. He said:

It’s quite a possible situation, it might happen, I honestly don’t know how everyone is going to take that because we all are used to playing in front of so many passionate fans, I know it will be played at a very good intensity but that feeling of the crowd connecting with the players and the tension of the game where everyone goes through it in the stadium, those emotions are very difficult to recreate,

Furthermore, Virat Kohli also claimed that how things won’t be magical that way but he is hopeful that things will get normal soon. He said:

Things will still go on, but I doubt that one will feel that magic happening inside because of the atmosphere that was created. We will play sports how it is supposed to be played, but those magical moments will be difficult to come by,

He added:

I am keeping myself positive and happy and just looking forward in life so that whenever I return to the game, I know I will be in a good position to start from where we left,”

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