Virat Kohli Praises RSS For Their Nationalism And Liberals Will Now Need Burnol

​With the entire nation entering its fourth phase of lockdown from May 18th, a lot of Indian citizens have embraced social help with all their hearts and souls. They aren’t contemplating any benefits or rewards but have channelised their entire efforts in the well being of others.
One of the primary faces of lending a helping hand to all those affected of this lethal disease, directly or indirectly, Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, received plaudits from the Indian cricket team’s captain, Virat Kohli. The run-machine praised the efforts of RSS’ volunteers in a 0.42 seconds video for their brilliant selfless work across the nation and also exemplary involvement in Delhi in these troubled times.

Virat Kohli congratulated Sewa Bharati organization in Delhi for the example that they are setting and his exact words for them were, “doing such amazing work over the years and the initiative they are taking now. To get volunteers from all the best schools in Delhi. To go and do seva drives and to help other people. I just want to say that do it with all your heart, with absolute pure intent. Helping another life and helping another soul is the biggest work you can do so I wish you all the best, safety and health as well”.

Sewa Bharati is headquartered in Delhi and it is the social service wing of RSS. Their aid has spanned from distributing food packets and manufacturing masks at breakneck speed. Their noble work has also entailed reaching out and distributing at places risked with facing a dearth of bed sheets, blankets and medicines. Almost a total of 2.10 lakh cadres have been deployed across the nation to help the poor and the needy in these hot waters.
Another 5000 cadres have been indulged in running 45 kitchens to feed 75000 Delhiites on a daily basis. The food packets are being manufactured in those kitchens and once prepared, the zonal teams are taking regular steps to ensure that the food is being dispersed across the whole of the city to the needy.
An imperative factor which has been followed stringently across the course of these practices are social distancing and all the medical advice issued by the health ministry to ensure that safety on both sides is being placed at the peak. Masks have been made a mandate and thorough usage of hand sanitizers are being done at a regular interval to avert any further spread.
To ensure the further smoother function of all these activities, temple trusts like Jhandewalan Temple are also being collaborated with in order to provide foods to the needy.

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