4 Times Bowlers Gave Away More Than 30 Runs In An Over In IPL

IPL is the most significant T20 league on the planet. The tourney is the only one in this world where the active Indian cricketers play with the international stars. Thousands of fans witness the games live at the stadiums. Besides, the players earn an enormous amount of money for playing in this league. 

The above statements establish IPL as the most competitive competition in the cricket world. Many bowlers find it hard to maintain their line and length under pressure. Here’s a look at the four instances when a bowler gave away over 30 runs in a single over of an IPL game. 

Rahul Sharma – 31 runs vs. Chris Gayle and Saurabh Tiwary

Chris Gayle loved to play against Pune Warriors India in the IPL. The Caribbean star recorded the highest individual score in T20 history against Pune, while during one of the games, Gayle hit five sixes off one over bowled by Rahul Sharma. Saurabh Tiwary had taken a single on the first ball as the duo fetched 31 runs from just six balls. 

Ravi Bopara – 33 runs vs. Chris Gayle and Manoj Tiwary

Another entry featuring Chris Gayle is from the 2010 edition of the IPL. The left-handed batsman played for KKR then. Playing against KXIP, Manoj Tiwary took a single off the first ball that Ravi Bopara bowled. Gayle came on strike and sent four deliveries outside the boundary line. Bopara then gave away five wides before the batsmen added three more runs to take 33 runs from that over.

Parvinder Awana – 33 runs vs. Suresh Raina

Every IPL fan would remember this over because Suresh Raina owned Parvinder Awana that night in 2014. Raina hit two sixes and five fours (one off a no-ball) to score 33 runs off just six balls. 

Prasanth Parameswaran – 37 runs vs. Chris Gayle

Prasanth Parameswaran played only a few games in his IPL career, but playing against RCB, he gave away 37 runs in an over to Chris Gayle. The West Indian slammed four sixes (one off a no-ball) and three fours to help RCB win that game against Kochi by nine wickets. 

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