5 Bowling Actions Every Cricket Fan Has Tried To Copy

Over the years, cricket has delivered many iconic moments. From iconic wins to great finishes, cricket has given fans with a lot of fond memories. Many budding players try to imitate their favorite players. Many different players have different batting and bowling actions. Today we will take a look at 5 iconic bowling actions in cricket history.

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah burst onto the scene in an IPL match for the Mumbai Indians. His bowling action immediately made news, and his newfound fame bolstered him into the national team. 3 years later, he is now the highest rated bowler in the ICC rankings. Bumrah’s bowling action has raised concerns over his longevity, but right now he is content troubling batsmen with his fiery balls and toe-crushers.

Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan is one the greatest spinners in the world. He has taken 800 scalps in his Test career, and more than 500 wickets in ODIs. His bowling action was a subject of widespread suspicion, with the allegations of ‘chucking’ surfacing as he started gaining prominence. However he brushed away those allegations and went on to carve out a legendary career for himself.

James Anderson

Jimmy Anderson is one of the most prolific England pacers of all-time. His fiery spells in the Ashes are one of the most iconic ones in the history of the series. Due to his great legacy, his bowling action has become as iconic as the person himself. Many budding pacers try to copy his fluid run-up and unique bowling action. Safe to say, there won’t be anyone like good old Jimmy for years to come.

Lasith Malinga

You knew this entry was coming when you read the title, didn’t you? Lasith Malinga has one of the most iconic bowling styles in the sport’s history. The Sri Lankan T20 captain made his name due to his toe-crushers and extremely different bowling style. Malinga was one of the most feared bowlers in his prime. In the back-end of his career he has focused more on developing talents for the future.

Zaheer Khan

We end this list with one of the best fast bowlers India has ever seen- Zaheer Khan. The 2011 World Cup hero has now retired, but his bowling action has carried on among the younger crop of players. Many pacers try to imitate his style of switching the position of the ball in the run-up to confuse the batsman. Khan’s sheer legacy and success as a bowler have made his style an iconic one. Zaheer now lives a peaceful life, contributing as a coach or advisor in the IPL.

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