5 Fastest Batsmen To Reach 21000 Runs In International Cricket

Cricket has seen many of its remarkable spheres being graced by greats of the game. May it be runs scored, wickets taken, dismissals effected, catches, stumpings, run-outs, and whatsoever you may name, you will find a few talented individuals, whose persistent brilliance has always been a major boost to their personal records and also their nation’s cause.

However, this article will aim to bring you five fastest cricketers to plunder 21,000 runs in international cricket. This isn’t an easy feat to notch up. It needs significant contributions in every version of the game that you play.

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5. Jacques Kallis

Probably one of the best all-rounders the game has ever cherished, the Proteas number three was rock-solid in his stance.

With a wide array of shots up his sleeves, Kallis managed to plunder more than 25000 international runs and also scalped more than 500 wickets.

Occupying the fifth position in the list, Kallis only took 437 matches and 514 innings to garner a staggering 21000 runs. His Test average was 55.00 while the ODI average was 44.

4. Ricky Ponting

Coming out at number three with a titanic bat-lift, Punter was always special to cricket. His exquisite stroke-play, his classy choice of shots and most importantly leading the Aussies from the front isn’t an easy feat to perform. He garnered more than 27000 international runs with an astonishing record of appearing in the most wins in ODI (262 wins).

He completed 21000 runs in just 421 matches and 489 innings. His average in Test was 52 while in ODI’s was 44.

3. Brian Lara

The Caribbean ace was one of the finest cricketers that cricket has ever witnessed. With some tremendous hard-hitting skills, it always felt as if Lara could conjure magic at will. Still, with the highest individual score in an innings of 400, Lara managed to rack up 21000 runs in 396 matches and 485 innings. Much to the startlement of everyone, Lara also scored 501 in a single innings in first-class cricket.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

The Indian master blaster has chronicled the highest number of runs scored in international cricket. He also became the first cricketer to score a double-ton in ODIs.

His figures read a stunning 34000 plus run in international cricket. He managed to achieve this feat of 21000 runs from only 418 matches and 473 innings with a healthy average of 52 in Test cricket.

1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is touted as Tendulkar’s likeliest contender to pick up a place in the pantheon of the cricketing Gods. He has been the fastest cricketer to score 8000, 9000, 10000, and 11,000 runs in the international canon. He also became the fastest in achieving the incredible record of 21000 runs from only 435 innings. His batting is an absolute treat for the eyes.

Also now with the major onus of spearheading the nation, he has evolved more as a calm batsman who doesn’t only negotiate in terms of belligerence but kills the opposition with a perfect blend of aggression and calm.

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