5 Most Hilarious Moments In The History Of IPL

Over the years, the Indian Premier League has become one of the most loved leagues in the world. During its 12 year history, the league has left a lasting impression on fans. While cricket is a thrilling game, there have been many occasions on the pitch which has helped us experience the lighter side of the IPL.

Here, we bring you the 5 most hilarious instances that happened in the history of IPL. Have a look:

1. Shikhar Dhawan’s dance moves at the crease:

Who can forget the Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals game, when R Ashwin took a controversial step at this moment by ‘mankading’ Jos Buttler.

Later, when R Ashwin tried to made a similar attempt to run out Shikhar Dhawan of Delhi Capitals. However, Shikhar Dhawan was careful this time, he looked at Ashwin when he delivered the ball and put on some hilarious stutter steps at the non-striker’s end. Following this, the whole stadium cheered heartily to Dhawan’s antics.

2. Ravindra Jadeja’s unbelievably funny six:

Though it was an insanely great shot by Sir Ravindra Jadeja during the last over against Rajasthan during a game between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. It happened on the first ball of the over when Ben Stokes aimed for the wide-line and delivered it away from the reach of Ravindra Jadeja.

However, Ravindra Jadeja stretched and smashed the ball with his bat, and the ball sailed over the straight-six. But, what happened next left everyone in splits as Ravindra Jadeja lost his balance completely after hitting the shot and fell over. Not just this, Ben Stokes too followed suit and fell over. The image of Ravindra Jadeja and Ben Stokes lying on the ground and staring at the ball went viral on the internet.

To add more fun further, MS Dhoni shott off his crease for a run without glancing the ball. However, when he saw the ball going for a six, MS Dhoni was all smile.

3. Virat Kohli bows down to Sarfaraz Khan:

Virat Kohli is a complete entertainer on and off the field. He never fails to grab the attention with his funny antics on social media. Talking about this particular moment, it happened during an IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2015 edition of the Indian Premier League.

Well, during the match, after AB de Villiers was run out for 57 runs, a 17-year-old Sarfaraz Khan walked out to bat and became the youngest to smash 45* off only 21 balls that took the RCB’s total score to 200 runs. Sarfaraz met Virat Kohli at the boundary, who bowed down to him with both hands folded. Observing this, Ravi Shastri laughed over it on commentary and phrased what Kohli might have said: “Namaste ji! Well played.”

4. David Warner’s flying kiss to Kieron Pollard:

When Kieron Pollard is on-field, entertainment is guaranteed. We can never forget the moment when he walked off the field during an IPL game and came back with a piece of tape over his mouth.

This happened during the 2013 edition of the Indian Premier League when David Warner had a tussle with Pollard. After exchanging a few words and a ball, Pollard walked up to him to talk about something.

However, it was the response of David Warner that stole the show. David Warner sent a flying kiss to Pollard in a typical Aussie way. To this, Pollard reacted with a hilarious gesture that seemed to say – “Ewwwww…..”

5. MS Dhoni’s first Test wicket!:


This happened during the 2017 edition of the Indian Premier League when Kevin Pietersen was in the commentary box and decided to crack a joke through the mic-ed up Manoj Tiwary to be conveyed to MS Dhoni. KP had said:

Looking good, mate! Can you do me a favor? Can you just whisper in MS’s ear that I am a better golfer than him, please?

However, MS Dhoni’s reaction to this left everyone in splits. MS Dhoni spoke through Manoj Tiwary’s mic and said: “He is still my first Test wicket!”

Unnati Madan

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