5 Reasons Why IPL 2020 Should Happen Behind Closed Doors

Amidst the raging pandemic situation that has smitten the entire world in an unprecedented way and with the world slowly coming out of one of the most stringent lockdowns which were implemented across the globe, sports activity has been extremely limited.

A month back it was zero zip nada, however, with the resumption of Bundesliga, situations started easing themselves and now sporting authorities are deliberating about playing the games behind closed doors.

Indian Premier League has been placed on a definite hiatus for quite some time with zero clarity about the tournament’s posterity. Despite thoughts of one of the domestic extravaganzas of the nation being played behind closed doors, there have been several debates weighing the probable possibilities and also enlisting the pros and cons of the tournament being shifted to closed doors.

Hence, today we will look at five reasons why we believe that IPL should be played behind closed doors for at least this season unless this entire pandemic situation is brought under control.

1. Safety concerns

The last significant sporting event which occurred across the face of the planet while this virus was still in its incipient stage was the UEFA Champions League match between Atalanta and Valencia. Scientists referred to this game to be a human bomb that eventually led to Italy being the epicenter of the virus. Despite this game not being cricket, there is a striking similarity between these two sports. The crowd quotient remains the same.

Now if the game is being played behind closed doors, then there is no possibility of gatherings, thereby nullifying any chances of community transmission of the virus. Now there is a major challenge to this point that states if the game can be postponed further. This can definitely be done however, this indefinite postponement can also strike a telling blow to the financial spectrum of the tournament.

One may argue that with the fans not being in the stadium, the franchise will have to bear the expenses that would have come in from the ticket money. However, with the number of endorsements that this tournament looks forward to, it won’t be a challenge for them to recover this money either.

With the fans confined to their television sets, adverts will play a major role. Now in case if the fans are keeping themselves fixated to the TV screens, not only will it be a major boost for the channels but also for the brands who will be raring to shell out a boatload of fortune to the tournament.

2. Player’s safety

We also need to realize that it isn’t only about ourselves that we should care about. If we are the life force of the game, the players who squeeze their cent percent bearing the scorching circumstances are life.

Now if we play the game behind closed doors, that will rescind any chances of the players catching the virus from any external sources. Hence, once again playing behind closed doors will compel the imposition of the new style so that the virus can be thwarted as much one can.

3. Financial strains

With cricket being a major splurge of money for ages now, it is extremely crucial for the game to be played. Especially in these tough times, where not even a single game was played, multiple sides were hurt.

However, keeping in mind the safety of the players, the authorities will also need revival. Hence, they will need baby steps again. IPL being a major revenue generator, will also play a pivotal role in shaping up the economic reforms currently. This is exactly why instead of postponing IPL indefinitely, they will push it for playing without the audience as that would play a significant role in cricket finding its way back.

4. A major platform

The annual extravaganza has always been a major podium for a lot of players. It is believed that many young lads eye this tournament as a game-changer in their career. Now in case if we decide to keep this suspended unless the situation is under control, we will have to say goodbye to those young guns, who worked desperately throughout the year to validate themselves in this tournament.

A year’s wait is too bearing for the lads to take to gathering their wits back and start prepping again. However, if the game is played, even in closed doors, the performances, by no means, will dip even an inch.

5. MS Dhoni

An important reason why this year’s IPL will play an even more important role is due to the fray being a final litmus test for Dhoni. The erstwhile Indian keeper can announce his retirement at any point in time and that will be nothing less of a shock to everyone.

However, his recent form has been highly questionable. These can happen mainly due to his age catching up. The nation deifies him as a hero. However, whether he has still one more swansong left in him, only time shall reveal it all. That is exactly why IPL 2020 must be played. This will give us an exact idea that is Dhoni fit enough to carry the onus of the nation or is it high time for Pant to take over. Hence even if it is behind closed doors, IPL must be started.

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