6 Indian Batsmen Who Have Been Stumped Most Number Of Times

6 Indian Batsmen Who Have Been Stumped Most Number Of Times: Stump-out is a result of expert bowling and lightning-fast wicket-keeping. In cricket’s rich history, there have been several key moments won by catching a batsman out of his crease.

MS Dhoni is famous for his lightning-fast glove-work behind the stumps.  While that may have been the case, even Indian batsmen have gotten stumped-out many times.  In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 Indian batsmen who have gotten stumped-out the most times.

Sourav Ganguly – 15 Times

Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian captain, tops the list by getting stumped-out 15 times in his career. Ganguly, or ‘Dada’ as he is fondly called, was an explosive batsman who won many matches for his team. He also had a successful stint as the team’s captain, and is one of the most successful Indian Test captains to date, winning 21 out of 49 Test matches.  Ganguly currently now serves as the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and was instrumental in introducing pink-ball cricket to the nation.

Sachin Tendulkar- 12 Times

Surprised? Yes, well Sachin comes in at #2 here with 12 dismissals as ‘stump-out’. Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the best batsman in the world. He has numerous records that have stood the test of time. Sachin was stumped out in Tests only ONCE in his 200-match Test career. That is a great testament to this man’s incredible talent and determination. Sachin now acts as an advisor for Mumbai Indians and has retired as an active player. He is also an MP in the Rajya Sabha.

M. Azharuddin- 10 Times

Mohammad Azharuddin is the third person on this list with 10 instances where he got stumped-out. The swashbuckling batsman wasn’t really known for his grace while playing cricket. He came in and scored runs, which was all that mattered to the team. It is thus really surprising that he doesn’t feature higher up in this list. His aggressive style of batting was a highlight to watch in his heyday. Azharuddin has long since retired and now acts as a cricket analyst for various TV channels.

Anil Kumble- 8 Times

Anil Kumble is one of the greatest spinners India has ever produced. ‘Jumbo’ was known for incredible all-round talent and his undeniable grit. He took 619 wickets in Tests and is the third-highest wicket-taker in International cricket. Kumble is a former coach of the national team and acts as a commentator and analyst for various TV programs. While he didn’t set the world on fire with his batting, he steered India out of trouble multiple times in his career. Thus, the man will always be remembered fondly while delving into the past.

VVS Laxman- 8 Times

At number 5 comes the ‘very very special’ VVS Laxman. The right-handed batsman was known for his incredible wrist play in the middle and mainly played Test cricket for India. The present-day commentator is one of the greatest Test players that the country has ever produced. He, alongside Rahul Dravid, was one of the strongest pillars in the Indian Test batting line-up. The batsman played his last ODI for the country in 2006.

Rohit Sharma- 8 Times

India’s ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma has also been dismissed stumped 8 times in his career so far. Rohit is one of the most destructive batsmen in the history of the game but even the best miss their marks sometimes.

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