5 Most Funny And Dramatic Run-Outs In Cricket History

Cricket is a volatile game. Anything can happen at any moment. Thus, in a serious moment, the game can throw up a few hilarious moments. These moments can be devastating for the batting side in the form of comical run-outs.In this article, we will take a look at the 5 most hilarious run-outs in cricket.

We have listed three of the most dramatic run-outs in the history of the game.

1. Klusener/Donald v Australia, 1999

South Africa were fighting Australia in the semi-final of the 1999 World Cup. They needed 9 runs from the last over with one wicket to spare to enter the finals. Klusener hit 2 consecutive boundaries off the first two balls. He couldn’t score the single on his third ball and was desperate to score a single on the fourth ball. He ran as soon as he hit the ball, but to the utter surprise of everyone else, Allan Donald was rooted to the other end and started running too late. He was run-out, and South Africa crashed out of the World Cup. Despite its tragic context, the run-out looks hilarious on later viewings.

2. Alastair Cook v India, 2012

The England captain was going strong at 190. The hilarity began when Pietersen was on strike and Cook at the other end. Cook attempted a run and had returned safely back to his crease after being denied. It was then that a throw from Virat Kohli startled Cook, who raised his bat in order to avoid getting hit. The ball went on to crash into the stumps. The prolific batsman instantly regretted his decision and looked distraught. The Indians were delighted as they got a big wicket, that too in a completely unexpected way.

3. Virender Sehwag v Sri Lanka, 2012

Virender Sehwag, for all his great batting skills, has earned a reputation of being slightly lazy. His relaxed attitude proved to be his innings’ end when masterful thinking by Kumar Sangakkara.

4. Misbah Ul Haq vs India, 2011

This is one of the most unfortunate and hilarious run-outs you would ever see. Poor Misbah allowed the ball to go onto the stumps. Isn’t it so funny?

5. Samit Patel’s Funny Fall 

We can watch this video any number of times. It was such a funny moment that every on the pitch and in the stadium just couldn’t stop laughing.

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