Indian Cricket Fans React After Shahid Afridi Was Test COVID19 Positive

In a shocking news to the world, Shahid Afridi, Pakistan’s former captain has tested positive for COVID-19. In an official Tweet, Afridi passed on this news to the world, asking his followers to pray for his speedy recovery.

His exact words in his Tweet said, “I’ve been feeling unwell since Thursday; my body has been aching badly. I have been tested and unfortunately I’m covid positive. Need prayers for a speedy recovery, InshaAllah”.


Afridi became the second player in Pakistan to test positive for the virus after former opener, Taufeeq Umar was the first one to test positive. Much to the reprieve of everyone, he has been cured of the disease. Zafar Sarfaraz, a former first-class player was the first professional crirketer to pass away to this virus.

Afridi has aided several people with rations and other essential supplies in the past couple of months while the entire world has been grappling with the virus through stringent lockdown measures.

In fact, Afridi also urged PCB to appoint Younis Khan as Pakistan’s batting coach before their series in England. On his Youtube channel he mentioned, “This is a show of cricketers and it is better if it’s run by them. All are sincere and have great individual performances when it comes to cricket or coaching. I am hopeful that they will do their jobs in the best possible manner.”

Despite being from a different nation, heartfelt wishes of recovery has poured in from every nook and cranny of the planet, urging him to fight the virus in the same way he used to battle his opponents on the field.

Twitterati has came together to express their prayers and best wishes for the Pakistani hard-hitter.

One user cited, “In this pandemic situation, Shahid Afridi was working with earnest devotion to help needy people when everyone was quarantined. Now he has been tested COVID +ve.

Despite being at crossroads with each other on the field, Indian fans have also expressed their wishes for Afridi’s speediest recovery.

As the news is still very fresh, Indian cricketers are still to react to this. Though being arch-enemies on the pitch, in these challenging times it is always expected that players who shared the field at one point in time, rubbing shoulders and crossing swords, off the pitch, they will be the best support.

However, there were some people who made fun of the situation.



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