Top 5 Cricketers With Most Number Of Sixes In The IPL

Indian Premier League has been the perfect rostrum for big hitters of the game, who loves to showcase their strength and aggression through the blade. Call it a proclivity for the stars or simply a will to dominate, these batsmen have always been extremely handy to their squads, given their depth in batting and also a carefree attitude to consign the bowlers out of the park with consummate ease.

​​We will look at five batsmen who aces the list of the highest number of sixes in Indian Premier League, thereby living up to their price tags and validating themselves time and time again to show that why exactly they are the best in the business.

1. Chris Gayle – 326 sixes

A monster in the context of T-20 cricket, Chris Gayle is not just a player to grace the game but a substantial force at the top of the order. Possessing inhuman strength in his wrists, he is known for his prolific striking ability and delivering biggies, merely hanging around in the pitch.

Despite not being at the pinnacle of his fitness for long now where he is clearly seen hobbling while completing a run or struggling to make grounds in fielding, he makes up for all of it with his extra-terrestrial hitting capability.

From 125 matches, the West Indian opener has garnered a whopping 4484 runs at a staggering strike rate of 151.02.

His over-boundary count in IPL until the date is 326 which is by far beyond the reach of the closest contender even if Gayle chooses to sit back for a couple of seasons. This number is a burning testimony to the Spartan’s living legacy of greatness.


Abraham Benjamin de Villiers – 212 sixes

One of the most prolific cricketers of our era, ABD has left a trail of carnage everywhere he has been to. Spanning from the hockey field to the grandest stages of cricket, his heroics have been unparalleled.

Indian Premier League was no exception to this charisma of the Proteas batsman as he has been one of the rare fighters for Bengaluru in their mixed performances across the history of the tournament.

He has managed to ratchet up 212 sixes from 154 matches which seem pretty low vis-à-vis Gayle’s pyrotechnics, however, these two are completely different personalities. ABD is a complete package and is a brilliant fielder too. He can also chip in with his wicket-keeping skills in dire straits.

His other figures include 4395 runs at a blistering strike rate of 151.23 that also makes him one of the most fearsome batters in the ranks of RCB.


MS Dhoni – 209 sixes

The former Indian captain is in the third position of this high-profile list. This is also where the competition gets ghastly real and becomes a very closely contested encounter that can tip at any point in time.

MS Dhoni, who has spent a lion’s share of his IPL span with Chennai Super Kings, has also showcased considerable skills with the bat despite coming down way too late in the order. His dynamicity in batting and his patience to finish the game with a constantly evolving calculation going on at the back of his mind makes him one of the most adept batsmen in the echelons of Chennai.

With 4432 runs from 190 games, Dhoni has smacked 209 sixes until date. His strike rate reads 137.85 which at times can easily cross 200 if the situation demands so. His lightning-fast wicket-keeping skills also make him one of the best monikers of the sport at the moment.


Rohit Sharma – 164 sixes

India’s very own Hitman has evolved significantly over the years, meliorating his stroke play with every passing day and has turned himself into a boundary machine.

One of the best players of the short ball, flexing the most perfect hooks and pulls, which aren’t easy strokes to play, Rohit Sharma has also been an emphatic appellation in Indian Premier League.

With 194 sixes from 188 matches, Sharma has also amassed 4898 runs at a staggering strike rate of 130.82. His fielding prowess has also been a major force in promoting the otherwise disputed lazy and tad unfit cricketer to the top of the order who has now attained cult status in the shorter and the shortest format of the game.


Suresh Raina – 194 sixes

Despite being in the twilight of his cricketing career, who failed to kiss heights in international colours, Raina has always been a significant moniker in terms of big-hitting. Falling prey to short balls, this man has been absolute dynamic on his heydays.

With 194 sixes from 193 matches, Raina is in the fifth position of the list. A lethal batsman of the leg side, he is also known for his acrobatic fielding and his clinical aiming skills. His part-time bowling has also been a major weapon that vouches for the utility of this southpaw.

He is the highest run-scorer in the history of IPL with 5368 runs at a blistering strike rate of 137.14. Only if he would have received proper care and some breathing space in the cut and run a competition for the national call up, he may have flourished in the Blue colors too.

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