Top 5 Pairs With Most Number Of Unbeaten Partnerships

Partnerships are a very crucial aspect of a team sport like cricket as it helps the team to surge ahead in the face of the most cataclysmic events. No matter how neck-deep you are in hot waters, a steady partnership will not only do the overhaul bit but also plays a significant role in even flipping the scales in one’s favor at times.

Adding to the beauty of partnerships, the greatness ramps itself up exponentially when the numbers have an asterisk beside the names in partnership, signifying that it stayed unbeaten. We will take a glance at the most number of unbeaten partnerships, chronicled by greats of the game, exerting themselves through incredulously titanic challenges and coming out with flying colors.

1. AB de Villiers/JP Duminy – 16

Two of South Africa’s finest middle-order batsmen, De Villiers and Duminy have chronicled several match-defining partnerships that have left their oppositions spreadeagled on multiple occasions.

One of the primary reasons that this partnership always managed to come out successful is because of the contrasting nature of the two batsmen. De Villiers was a storm in the middle while Duminy was calm. When ABD went for the kill, JP ensured that the scoreboard kept ticking without much ado. However, once he got his eyes set in, Duminy was equally destructive like De Villiers.

With 16 unbroken partnerships between them, this duo aces this prestigious list.

2. MS Dhoni/Virat Kohli – 15 times

The duo of the former and the current Indian skipper has also been an absolute delight to watch in the shorter format of the game. Both being fine stroke players, bring in a lot of brilliance in their combined hand.

The duo has an unbeaten partnership record for a staggering 15 times which attests to the dexterity of these two playing their hearts out. Kohli is a more varied stroke player while Dhoni is an explosive batsman. Also in dire needs, both can change roles to aid their team in winning.

3. Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes – 15

Two of West Indies’ finest batsmen hold the record for an unbeaten 15 partnerships among them. Greenidge was always attacking the bowlers while Haynes hacked away at his counterparts in spasmodic bursts of brilliance.

These two had contributed significantly in West Indies’ ascent to the zenith that saw them becoming the most feared opponents in the history of cricket. Individually brilliant in their own ways, Greenidge and Haynes also left an indelible legacy as partners.

4. JP Duminy and David Miller – 13

Two stellar finishers of the game for South Africa also had an amazing understanding between them. In the way Duminy partnered with De Villiers on several occasions to bail out South Africa or help them cross the finishing line, similarly, JP had remarkable chemistry with Miller.

Known for his explosive batting, David Miller used to come out at number 5 or 6, and with Duminy already playing a valuable anchor to the innings, Miller took the responsibility of consigning the bowlers to the boundaries.

The duo had 13 unbroken partnerships to their name which is not an easy feat to achieve.

5. Desmond Haynes and Richie Richardson – 13

This is for the second time that Haynes featured in this list and this time it is with the renowned batsman, Sir Richie Richardson.

Richardson was a lethal player of pace and with cricket banking a good deal on fast bowling, that used to give West Indies an edge.

Haynes used to weather the storm if any and then both used to successfully inflict hurts on their opponents. Together, they managed to stay unbeaten for 13 times.

6. Mahela Jayawardene and Kumara Sangakkara – 13

Two technical giants of batting, Jayawardene, and Sangakkara were pillars of reliability for Sri Lanka.

Crafting several match-defining knocks, Mahela shared a brilliant bond with Sangakkara not just off the field but also on the field.

These two successfully hammered bowlers out of the park and also ensured the continuous movement of the scoreboard through diligent running between the wickets.

The duo plundered countless runs together, stitching 13 unbroken partnerships in the process.

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