10 Best Tweets On Rohit Sharma That Will Leave You In Splits

Rohit Sharma has been one of India’s most dominant and finest openers in recent times as with every passing day, the Hitman has evolved himself into a perfectly crafted run machine. As time has elapsed, his ability to hit bigger shots resorting to any routes whatsoever has hit a new chord of unprecedented perfection.

With cricket coming to an indefinite halt that was finally ended with the series between England and West Indies, Indians are eagerly waiting for their favourites to take the ground. Though there is lack of clarity when it comes to the fact that when would IPL be taking place despite a green signal from the board, speculations has been raging wild about certain heroic feats which can be achieved in the offing to arrive.

Amidst the entire storm which has been brewing, Indian fans have grown a special proclivity towards Rohit Sharma as they miss the hard-hitting master of Indian cricket too vehemently. In order to make things a bit easy for you, we will bring to you the ten most exotic tweets that were done for Rohit.


  1. Legendary Indian spinner Anil Kumble tweeted, “Next target @ImRo45 a double hundred in IPL, just asking…anything possible! Incredible, still can’t believe @mipaltan @BCCI


  1. Another user likened the similarity of Rohit Sharma with one of India’s remarkable mythological characters, as he quoted, “#RohitSharma is like Kumbhkaran; wakes up once in ages and finishes everything in a go, only to sleep soundly again! #hitMan


  1. And then someone chose to pick a bone with Sri Lanka, stating, “Sri Lanka need 205 to avoid the Follow on! They need 265 runs to beat #RohitSharma & let’s not even talk of how many to beat India! #IndvsSL


  1. After the hammering received at the hands of the Hitman, a Sri Lankan fan tweeted, “Dear bcci, next time onwards you are on your own, we are not coming to boost your revenues – Sri Lanka #rohitsharma


  1. Legendary English captain, Michael Vaughan tweeted, “Can’t believe @ImRo45 didn’t make a Triple century… #useless



  1. Harsha Bhogle chose to exercise his magic of words as he cited, “Just so fluent and easy from @ImRo45. In this form, he does make cricket look a very easy game”


  1. In a political tweet, another user commented, “#RohitSharma is Ambani and Adani Agent, 250 is mammoth score it is hard for AAM Admi to reach it. We oppose his talent.”


  1. Another Sri Lankan fan tweeted, “After #RohitSharma reached 200, a Sri Lankan player told him, “Why are you attacking us? Did Modi teach you to behave this way?” : Sources.”



  1. Someone had to highlight the raw talent housed by the Hitman and he did it with the aforementioned tweet.


  1. Someone chose to dig his old picture and gave a befitting tweet to fix things.

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