10 Replies By Virender Sehwag That Prove He Is One Of The Wittiest Cricketers Ever

Virender Sehwag, the former Indian cricketer is regarded as one of the finest cricketers around the world. He is also one of the most entertaining and wittiest cricketers. He never fails to leave his fans in splits and entertain everyone with his funny jibes.

We often get to see his funny side on social media, but there have been many times when Virender Sehwag stole the show with his sense of humor on and off the field.

Here, we bring you a few instances when Virender Sehwag won the show with his witty replies. Have a look:

1. When Virender Sehwag revealed the difference between him and Sachin Tendulkar:

Sehwag was only a few years into his international cricket career when he was asked about the difference between him and Sachin Tendulkar. He was asked:

“What is the difference between you and Sachin?”

Responding to which, Sehwag came up with a hilarious reply. He said: “Our bank balance”.

2. Virender Sehwag hits back at Geoffery Boycott:

Former England cricketer Geoffery Boycott once praised Virender Sehwag by saying that he is one of the most talented batsmen he’d seen but he also went on to claim that Sehwag is also brainless with his batting. Sehwag had replied:

“Boycott can say what he wants. He once batted the whole day and hit just one four.”

3. Virender Sehwag Takes On Michael Clarke:

Australian teammates of Michael Clarke have named him ‘Pup’. He wasn’t spared by Virender Sehwag either.

It was during the 2004 Test in Hyderabad when Michael Clarke was sledging Sachin and this is when Virender Sehwag came to his rescue and put an end to the banter. Sachin asked Clarke a simple question, he said:

Your teammates call you Pup, right?“, to which Clarke replied, “Ya mate”. Virender Sehwag then asked: “Which breed?”

4. Virender Sehwag hits a six to get to 300 during the Multan Test:

This is an interesting anecdote from the Multan Test in 2004, which has fascinated fans all over. It happened when he was on 295 when Tendulkar went up to him and said that he shouldn’t it a six. Sachin had said:

“Tu six nahi marega.”

To which, Sehwag had replied: “Saqlain Mushtaq bowl karne aaya toh main six jaroor maroonga.”

On the next ball, when Mushtaq came on to bowl, Sehwag smashed a stunning six as he became the first Indian to score a triple century.

5. Sehwag on Vinoo Mankad:

It was in 2006 when Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid were en route to breaking Vinoo Mankad’s highest opening partnership of 413 while playing against Pakistan when a reporter told Virender Sehwag that he and Rahul Dravid could break his record. To which Virender Sehwag said: “Who is Vinoo Mankad?”

However, later, the duo just fell short of 3 runs to break the record.

6. When Virender Sehwag handled Abdul Razzaq with a plan:

This happened when Sehwag was playing for Leicestershire in the year 2003 and he along with Jeremy Snape was giving big trouble while facing Abdul Razzaq, who was reverse swinging the ball. In order to handle the attack, Virender Sehwag walked up to Jeremy Snape and said: “We must lose this ball. I have a plan.”

And in the next delivery, Sehwag smashed the ball outside the stadium and the ball was lost. Virender Sehwag then went on to Snape and claimed: “We are alright for one hour now.”

7. When he was caught on the boundary while on 195:

It happened during the 2003 Melbourne Test when Virender Sehwag was on 195 runs he was trying to hit a six, Rahul Dravid went up to him and said: “You were just five singles away from a double century, you could have made it.”

To which Virender Sehwag replied: “I just missed the six by just three yards”

8. Virender Sehwag on hitting the ball and not the bowler:

Virender Sehwag is regarded as one of the most destructive batsmen to have ever played for team India. He used to take apart great pacers like Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee with ease. He was once asked by a journalist on how he hit such fast bowlers on the boundary repeatedly. To which he came up with a witty reply saying, “I don’t hit the bowler, I hit the ball”.

9. Virender Sehwag on his footwork:

Virender Sehwag was criticized a lot on his sloppy footwork. So, when a news reporter once asked Virender Sehwag about his ‘sloppy footwork’, he replied: “They don’t know I used to throw 10 buckets of water on flat pitches, just to practice that shot.”

10. Sehwag on being excluded from the Indian team:

After the 2011 World Cup, when Virender Sehwag was removed from the Indian cricket side, an interviewer had asked him:

You may never play for India again!” to which Sehwag replied, “Well, whose loss is that?”

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