10 Statements By MS Dhoni That Prove He Is The Most Intelligent Cricketer

He is witty, he is smart, he is intelligent, he is a man of a few words- Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Mahi as everyone fondly calls him. “MS Dhoni’ it is a name that is celebrated on and off the field for being what he is. While he is a legendary keeper-batsman and the most successful skippers in the history of Indian cricket team, but he is much more than that. Here, we bring you some of the quotes and statements said by MS Dhoni that explains him the best. Have a look:

1. ‘Captain’ MS Dhoni never shies away from accepting a bad performance of his team:

“I won’t count it as a bad performance. It was so bad that I can’t count it as a performance.”

2. Pressure? What’s pressure?:

“It’s like having 100kg put over you. After that even if you put a mountain, it will not make a difference.”

3. He likes getting straight to the point:

Whenever we have played with four fast bowlers, two things happen. One the captain gets banned, two we lose.”

4. He is the wittiest and the most sensible:

“You die, you die. You don’t see which is the better way to die.”

5. He said this one ahead of the 2011 World Cup final and the rest is history:

“Till the full stop doesn’t come the sentence is not complete.”

6. And we wait for the legend himself:

“Frankly speaking I don’t understand Duckworth-Lewis. I just wait for the umpire’s decision.”

7. He said this one after sitting out a Test series in Sri Lanka in 2008:

“If you are not 100 per cent fit and not at your best [and still play], it’s cheating.”

8. After team India won the T20 cup, MS Dhoni uttered these golden words:

“We are told that Mumbai is a city which is always on the move. See, me and my boys have brought the entire city to a standstill today.”

9. Finding positives in everything:

“The only thing that went well for us was the warm-up before the game.”

10. The feeling after India’s long tour of Australia in 2014-15. We love his one-liners:

Another 20 days and you can apply for citizenship.”

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