10 Times Rohit Sharma Answered Questions In His Typical ‘Hitman’ Style

  1. In the wake of the new aura of invincibility which Team India has donned on, Rohit Sharma is one of the primary warriors of this invincible legion. Spearheading India’s elite batting unit, the Indian opener has come a long way since his forgetful stint as a middle-order batsman.

He is not only brilliant at playing exquisite strokes that comprise wondrous pulls and hooks, but his mic skills are equally impressive which at times have lashed out mercilessly at those hapless journalists or have left the entire room in splits. We will see ten such incidents where Sharma bossed the mic in style.

1. When Rohit Sharma told the reporter to not call Rahane “saala”

This incident happened when India stung South Africa bad and Rohit Sharma was the destructor-in-chief for the Indian forces. In the last test match, Rahane played a brilliant inning that saw the duo plunder a 267-run partnership to jeopardize South Africa’s hope of making any comeback.

The reporter asked, “What do you want to say about Ajinkya Rahane‘s batting, what’s it like watching it from another end – ‘Saala chabuk batting Karta hai’’

Sharma couldn’t stop his laughter after the question and told the reporter not to call him “saala” and then started heaping praises on this excellent middle-order batsman. He also pointed out how Rahane has bailed India out of several quagmires.

Here is the video:

2. Rohit Sharma told the reporter that why did he not celebrate his century

After smashing a blistering 115 against South Africa, Sharma was seen to be pretty lackadaisical and chose not to celebrate his ton.

When asked about the exact reason he started sporting his signature smile and cited, “My hundred has gone now and the next game I play, the hundred I scored, isn’t going to matter much.”

Kohli was run out for 36 while Rahane was dismissed for 8 before Sharma went on to steady India’s ship and played a leading knock to usher them to victory.

3. When Sharma slammed a reporter for calling him out of form

The Hitman wasn’t really relishing his life in the series against South Africa before staging a fabulous comeback in the 5th ODI with a stupendous century. When the media asked him about his off-form, Sharma slammed them, quoting, “I got out in three (four) matches only brother, how can you say form is bad after three (four) matches? You guys put people in good form after one match, and if somebody doesn’t have three good matches, you say he is in bad form.”

He continued, “I admit the first three matches weren’t great but that happens with everybody. But I was in a good frame of mind, I was batting well in the nets and there was no pattern to my dismissals. That happens in every cricketer’s career.”

Sharma concluded, “Because you have achieved so much, scored so many runs, 2-3 bad innings don’t change that. Because every day is a new day and what you have done in the past. It is the same thing I am thinking right now. My hundred has gone now and the next game I play, the hundred I scored isn’t going to matter much.”

4. When Rohit told a fan to check his spelling

In a question-answer session with his fans on Instagram, one of them asked him his opinion about Virat “Kholi”. However, Sharma retaliated, stating, “check the spelling”, that left the internet in splits.

5. When Sharma owned a Pakistani reporter

In all good jests and humour, when asked by a Pakistani journalist that what would be his suggestion to usher Pakistani batsmen out of the crisis, Sharma replied, “Main Pakistan ka coach bana toh zarur bataunga. Abhi kya bataunga?”

6. When Sharma opened up about his initial days with Shikhar Dhawan

It was in 2013 when Sharma started opening with Dhawan and the initial reaction was very funny. He said, “I remember back in 2013, the day when I started opening the batting for India in limited-overs cricket. I remember it was my second innings as an opener in the Champions Trophy. We were playing against South Africa… against guys like Morne Morkel, Dale Steyn. I had never faced them with the new ball. So, I told Shikhar ‘you gotta take the strike, man.”

He continued, “But he was like ‘no, Rohit. You have been playing for a while. This is my first over. I can’t. You gotta do it’. I said ‘the guy who opens regularly does not want to take the strike’. So, I took the strike, and the first few balls Morkel bowled, I did not even see. I was not expecting the bounce, I was not ready for it. I didn’t know how the new ball would do, that too on an England surface. As far back as I remember, I was absolutely bowled that day as well.”
On a conclusive note, he stated, “That was my first experience with Shikhar. But now we are comfortable with each other.”

7. When Rohit forgot the reporter’s question

It was a question-answer session for Mumbai Indians and Rohit laced with Parthiv Patel was up for the answers. There came a time when the journalist asked too many questions at one go that encompassed Rohit and Parthiv. The questions seemed pretty serious, however, Sharma very jokingly told the reporter, “I forgot what you asked.”

8. When Rohit Sharma was asked about Dhoni’s birthday plans

This was a difficult question for the Hitman as he was repeatedly asked to say a few things about Dhoni’s birthday. However, he never fails to amaze with his humour and even in this instance, he said, “Kya bolu yaar? Birthday mein kya bola jaata hai? Happy birthday? Yahi toh bola jaata hai. Kal travel day hai hamara pata nahi Manchester ja rahe hain ya Birmingham. Uss hisaab se bus drive mein shayad cake cutting hoga. Photo-woto bhejenge aapko.
(What do I say? What does one say on birthdays? Happy birthday?! That is what we say on birthdays. Tomorrow’s a travel day for us. Not sure whether we are going to Manchester or Birmingham. Accordingly, we will cut a cake (for Dhoni). We’ll send you photographs)”

9. When Sharma declared that India was not scared of any team

In the context of the series decider against West Indies, Sharma told the reporters, “We are not scared of any team. Like I said they were good on that particular day and they won the game, as simple as that. If we are good, we know we can win any game at any given condition.”

10. When Rohit gave a hilarious reply about Rishabh Pant

In a match against England where despite Sharma’s best efforts, India couldn’t manage to walk away with the bragging rights, he was asked about Pant’s heroics.

Sharma stated, “Not really (surprised) because you all wanted Rishabh Pant to play right? Right from the time we left India, you all kept on asking where is Rishabh Pant. There he is at No.4.”

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