4 Batsmen Who Have Smashed Most Sixes At One Venue In The IPL

The ability to hit sixes is probably the biggest ability that a batsman can have in IPL or in T20 cricket in general because if you have the ability to hit sixes, you can change the game quicker than other players who can’t clear the ground easily.

IPL has seen some of the biggest hitters in the game showcasing their potential, but there have been a few hitters who have taken the liking to one particular ground.

Here are 4 batsmen who have smashed most sixes at one venue in the IPL –

#1 Chris Gayle (127 sixes at Chinnaswamy):

Chris Gayle, who now plays for Kings XI Punjab, played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for many years and hence, got the opportunity to play at Chinnaswamy a lot as it is RCB’s home ground.

Chinnaswamy is a ground which is too small for Gayle with its dimensions, but it is also situated at a high altitude and hence, it helps the ball travel even farther because of which a lot of mishits go for sixes as well. It’s an ideal ground to hit sixes.

Gayle has hit a total of 127 sixes at the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

#2 AB de Villiers (118 sixes at Chinnaswamy):

Generally when we talk about RCB, we talk about Gayle’s six-hitting ability a lot which is obvious as well. The big Jamaican left-hander is one of the biggest hitters in the game, but De Villiers is not too far behind either, as the numbers clearly show.

De Villiers might not be an out and out power player like Gayle, but he can also clear the fence at will.

While De Villiers is very capable of hitting sixes in front of the stumps, some of the sixes that he hits behind the stumps leave a lot of people awestruck.

De Villiers has hit 118 sixes at Chinnaswamy.

#3 Virat Kohli (97 sixes at Chinnaswamy):

The RCB captain Virat Kohli doesn’t change his game a lot irrespective of what format he is playing. The tempo of batting obviously changes, but the style remains the same and he believes in collecting more and more boundaries playing the cricketing shots rather than going for anything expansive.

However, Kohli’s sixes’ tally at Chinnaswamy is at 97 which clearly shows that the 31-year old can put the ball into the stands too, if he decides to do so.

#4 Kieron Pollard (84 sixes at Wankhede):

Kieron Pollard’s controversial no ball (Photo Source: Twitter)

Kieron Pollard is again someone who plays a lot at Wankhede as he has been a part of the Mumbai Indians squad since his debut in the IPL.

Pollard is also a frequent six hitter like Gayle, but the only difference is that Gayle opens the innings and hence, gets a lot more deliveries to face to hit a lot more sixes as compared to Pollard who mostly bats at no. 6 and doesn’t get to face as many deliveries as Gayle.

Pollard, though, has still hit a total of 84 sixes at the Wankhede Stadium.


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