4 Instances Where Gambhir Gave A Fitting Reply To Shahid Afridi

Gautam Gambhir does not share a great relationship with Shahid Afridi since his playing days and the bitterness in the relationship of these two former cricketers is still there despite the fact that both of them have retired.

Gambhir, who is also a member of parliament now, never shies away from criticizing Afridi for his illogical statements, whether it’s on cricketing or political matters.

Here are the 4 instances where Gambhir gave a fitting reply to Afridi –

#1 On Kashmir issue

Recently Afridi visited Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and boasted about the Pakistani army saying that Pakistani army has 7 lakh forces backed by 20 crore people of Pakistan.

Gambhir took a dig at that saying why are they still begging for Kashmir then?

Gambhir also reminded Afridi that he and the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan can keep fooling the Pakistani people, but do they remember Bangladesh?

Gambhir was referring to the Indo-Pak War of 1971 where India had beaten Pakistan and divided their country into two parts to form a new country called Bangladesh.

#2 On Gambhir’s records

Afridi, in his autobiography, wrote that Gambhir doesn’t hold a lot of records, but he still has got attitude.

Gambhir was quick to respond to that as he reminded Afridi of the T20 World Cup final of 2007 where he scored a match winning 75 for India, while Afridi scored a duck for Pakistan.

India beat Pakistan in that game to win the first ever T20 World Cup.

#3 “Afridi is 16-year old”

After responding to Afridi on Twitter regarding his records, Gambhir then slammed him while talking to the media as well and said that Afridi’s psyche is that of a 16-year old boy and not of a fully grown man.

Gambhir also hinted that Afridi might have written controversial things about him to sell his book more and more.

“I am sure he will sell his book better. Some People grow in age not mentally. Shahid Afridi may be 36, 37 years old.  But he is 16 mentally.” Gambhir was quoted as saying by India Today.

#4 “Will take you to a psychiatrist”

At his book launch in Karachi, Afridi said that Gambhir had a mental problem.

Gambhir again responded to it, saying that a few Pakistanis were granted Indian visa on medical grounds and if Afridi wanted, he could also come to India for his treatment.

Gambhir sarcastically said if Afridi came to India for his treatment, he would personally take the former Pakistani all-rounder to a psychiatrist.



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