5 Currently Active Players Who Have Hit Most Sixes In Test cricket

While most of the Test batsmen like to dig in deep and play with a lot of patience, there are a few others who like to play attacking cricket even in the longest format of the game and don’t hesitate in playing the aerial shots if the ball is in their arc.

Here are the 5 batsmen among the currently active players who have hit the most sixes in Test cricket –

#1 Ben Stokes (74 sixes):

Ben Stokes is someone who has got a very solid batting technique and he can bat for a long period of time as well, but even when he bats long, he plays with a lot of intent and plays shots whenever the ball is there to be hit.

And Stokes doesn’t necessarily have to slog to hit sixes, he can hit sixes with straight bat as well and that’s what makes him a special player.

Stokes has hit the ball over the fence 74 times in his 65 Test matches so far.

#2 Tim Southee (72 sixes):

Tim Southee is a tail-ender and not a specialist batsman, but he has this ability to hit the ball out of the ground.

Southee, who generally bats at no. 8 or no. 9 for New Zealand, is very tall and has got long reach which helps him hit sixes against the spinners from the crease itself, but he can also put the fast bowlers into the stands at times.

Southee has hit 72 sixes in 73 Test matches so far.

#3 Angelo Mathews (61 sixes):

Angelo Mathews is generally a very organized batsman, but he often likes to go hard against the spinners to disturb their lengths.

It has happened in quite a few Test matches that Mathews has attacked the spinners early on, the spinners have dragged their lengths and Mathews has then hit them with horizontal bat off the back-foot.

Mathews exactly knows how to manipulate the spinners in Test cricket. The former Sri Lankan captain has hit 61 sixes in his Test career so far.

#4 David Warner (56 sixes):

David Warner is one of the most aggressive openers in Test match cricket at the moment and he doesn’t mind playing even the cross batted shots against the spinners.

Warner is not a great user of the feet against spin. Whenever he is looking to hit sixes against spin, he mostly goes for the slog-sweep through mid-wicket and he nails that shot more often than not.

Warner has got 56 sixes to his name in 84 Test matches so far.

#5 Rohit Sharma (52 sixes)

Rohit has not played Test match cricket regularly for India in the last 5 years, but he is still in top 5 among the most frequent six hitters at the moment and that suggests what a mighty fine stroke-player Rohit is when he is on song.

Rohit has played just 32 Test matches so far which is less than half the no. of Test matches that all the other players in this list have played, but the Indian opener has still put the ball into the stands 52 times.

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