5 Times Indian Cricketers Gave Angry Replies To Journalists

Cricketers have become demigods in the world because of their performance on the cricket field. Players like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and several others have gained millions of fans with their extraordinary performances at all levels of cricket. They also take part in media interactions frequently.

However, sometimes the questions of the journalist hits the players hard and they try their best to not hurt the journalists, but on a few occasions, the cricketers gave a fitting reply to them.

Yuvraj Singh on Virat Kohli’s captaincy

When Yuvraj Singh attended an event at the Virat Kohli Foundation four years ago, the journalists asked him about the captaincy of Virat Kohli. Unsurprisingly, Yuvraj lost his cool and totally avoided the question.

Kapil Dev on match fixing :

While Kapil Dev did not get angry on the journalist, he apparently lost it when he was asked about match fixing repeatedly. Kapil replied: “I will commit suicide rather than take a bribe. Who wants money. Take all my money. I come from a family where pride is more important than anything.”

Mithali Raj on gender inequality:

Indian women’s cricket team player Mithali Raj was once asked about her favorite male cricketer. She hit back at the journalist with the following reply:

“Do you ask them who their favourite female cricketer is? I have always been asked who’s your favourite cricketer but you should ask them who their favourite female cricketer is.”

MS Dhoni on retirement :

MS Dhoni’s retirement has been a much-talked about topic in the last few years. After the 2016 T20 World Cup loss, an Aussie journo asked Dhoni if he would hang up his boots then. The two had a long conversation which happened as follows:

Ferris: MS, you have achieved almost everything. Do you look to continue playing after this tournament?

Dhoni: Come here, let’s have some fun. Please come here. Come, come, come…seriously! Yeah, come!

Do you want me to retire?

Ferris: No. That’s what I asked you.

Dhoni: I was hoping it was an Indian media guy, because I can’t really say if you have a brother or a son who can play for India.

Do you think I am unfit?

Ferris: No.

Dhoni: You have seen me running?

Ferris: Very fast.

Dhoni: Do you think I can survive till the 2019 World Cup?

Ferris: Yes, sure.

Dhoni: Then you have answered the question. Thank you, sir! I wish it was an Indian media guy, because then I would have asked if he has a son who is old enough and a wicketkeeper to play. He would have said ‘No’. Then I would have said maybe a brother who can play, who is a wicketkeeper. You fired the wrong ammunition at the wrong time.

Virat Kohli on changes in the Indian team 

Virat Kohli is known for making frequent changes in the Indian team, especially Test cricket. A journo pointed out at that stat and questioned Kohli’s approach after South Africa defeated India. The conversation is as follows after the reporter asked Kohli that question:

Virat Kohli: How many Test matches have we won out of 30?

Journalist: How many have you changed the starting line-up?

Virat Kohli: How many have we won? How many have we won?

Journalist: How many have you changed the line-up for?

Virat Kohli: 21 wins, two losses. How many draws?

Journalist: How many in India?

Virat Kohli: It doesn’t matter. Wherever we play, we try to do our best. I’m here to answer your questions man, not to fight with you.

Kohli did not stop there as a few minutes later, he asked the same journalist if he could remember how many times the South African team had come close to winning a Test match in India.

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