5 Times Virat Kohli Trolled His Own Teammates On Social Media

Virat Kohli is not just a charismatic cricketer on the field, but he is a very cheeky human being as well.

While the cricketers are in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic and are spending most of their time on social media, some of Virat’s comments on the Instagram posts of his past and present teammates have left the fans in splits.

Here are 5 of Virat’s teammates whom the Indian captain trolled recently –

#1 Harbhajan Singh


Harbhajan is not a part of the Indian cricket team at the moment, but he shares a very healthy relationship with Virat.

Harbhajan doesn’t generally put a lot of his training videos on Instagram. So, once when he put an Instagram video of himself training in the gym, Virat commented on it saying “Well done Paaji. Building kaanp rahi hai magar thodi thodi.”

It was a Hindi sentence which in English meant “Well done big brother, but the building is shaking a little bit.”

#2 Ravindra Jadeja


Once the Indian left arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja put a picture on Instagram where Virat Kohli could be seen signaling to the umpire for a DRS, while Jadeja was just passing by.

It seemed as if Jadeja was not the bowler on that occasion. The southpaw wrote in the caption, “Dekho bhai meine nai bola hai review lene ko.”

Jadeja meant, “Look, I am not asking you to take the review here.”

Virat, in response to that, told Jadeja, “Tujhe toh hamesha out hi lagta hai. Review lene ke baad sab doubts aate hain tujhe.”

Virat’s reply in English meant, “You always think the batsman is out and only after I take the review that you start sharing your doubts.”

#3 KL Rahul



On one of KL Rahul’s Instagram pictures where the Indian opener could be seen having coffee, Virat commented, “Cup ganda hai.”

That in English meant, “The cup is looking dirty”.

Virat, of course, said that in a very light tone and Rahul took it sportingly as well, as he responded to his captain  saying, “Lekin Dil Saaf Hai”.

Rahul’s comment in English meant, “The cup might be dirty, but my heart is clean.”

 #4 Cheteshwar Pujara


Virat recently uploaded a picture on Twitter where he could be seen diving to his right to take a difficult catch in the second slip, while Cheteshwar Pujara was watching him dive from the first slip position.

Virat cheekily wrote in the caption, “First session after lockdown be like @cheteshwar1. I hope you will go for the ball pujji.”

The Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami also commented on the photo saying, “No Chance, hahahahahaha”.

Pujara is not one of the most athletic fielders in the Indian Test squad and Shami’s comment suggested that he would definitely not back Pujara to go for a catch like that.

#5 Yuzvendra Chahal


Recently, Virat was interacting with a few kids on a Star Sports show and interestingly, the Indian leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal joined in as well in the middle of the show.

Just as Virat saw Chahal’s new hairstyle, he asked, “Who cut your hair?”

Chahal told Virat that he and his sister cut it together, to which Virat said, “Acha. Mujhe laga tere dogs tere peeche padh gaye.”

Virat’s reply in English meant, “I thought your dogs went after you.”


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