cricketers and their lesser known brothers

Cricket in India is more than a game, it is always accorded the exact same status of a religion, where cricketers are worshipped as Gods. It has become a ritual to garner facts about these celebrities and their families.

However, despite this, there remain a lot of hidden facts that we fail to know. One of the underlying pieces of trivia is the information about the family information of the cricketers. While, we know about their partners, but we often fail to recognize their lesser-known siblings.

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Here, we bring you a list of 5 cricketers and their lesser-known brothers. Have a look:

1. Virat Kohli – Vikas Kohli:


Virat Kohli is one of the best athletes around the world, on the other hand, his brother Vikas Kohli is an unheard moniker.

Just like Virat Kohli, Vikas is also a fitness enthusiast. He is an Indian music producer and the genres he deals with consist of a wide variety of music that includes the like of jazz, hip hop, punk, metal, country, and Bollywood pop. He gained fame after he found the famous Canadian studio called fatlabs.

Talking about his personal life, Vikas is married to Chetna Kohli and the couple is blessed with a son named Aarav Kohli. His contribution to Virat Kohli’s cricketing career has been immense as he took charge of the family after the unfortunate demise of their father.

2. Yuvraj Singh and Zoravar Singh:

Yuvraj Singh is one of the most explosive batsmen to have ever played for team India. While Yuvraj is one of the most loved Indian cricketers, on the other hand, Zoravar Singh didn’t get much fame despite trying his hand in acting for quite some time. In fact, his ticket to fame came because of some negative reasons after his estranged wife entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and revealed a lot of things.

3. Rahul Dravid and Vijay Dravid:

Rahul Dravid, ‘the wall’ of the Indian cricket team, shares a great bond with his brother Vijay Dravid, who played an important role in showing the path to India’s living test legend ‘The Wall’. Both the brothers have always been close to each other and have been like significant pillars of supports in each other’s life.

4. Rohit Sharma and Vishal Sharma:


Rohit Sharma is one of the key players of the current Indian cricket team. With his blistering performances, over the years, Rohit Sharma has emerged out as one of the best cricketers around the world.

On the other hand, his brother Vishal Sharma is a name mostly unheard of. Rohit Sharma used to work in hospitality, until, Rohit Sharma asked him to manage the affairs of the Rohit Sharma cricket academies in India and Singapore.

5. Sourav Ganguly and Snehasish Ganguly:

Sourav Ganguly, the new face of team India to the world, on the other hand, it was Snehasish, who introduced Sourav Ganguly to the world of cricket. His elder brother was the reason, why Sourav Ganguly started batting with his left hand.

However, not many are aware of the fact that Sourav Ganguly’s brother played 10 years of domestic cricket for Bengal before he finally headed to his family business. Sourav Ganguly helped his brother in expanding his business front.

6. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Narendra Singh Dhoni:

Well, for those who have watched the biopic of MS Dhoni, believed that he has only one sibling his sister Jayanti. But only a few people know that he has an elder brother too — Narendra Singh Dhoni.

Narendra is 10 years older than MS Dhoni. The reason why he was not in the movie was revealed by his brother himself. He had said:

I may be non-existent in the movie because I don’t have much contribution in Mahi’s life — be it during his childhood, his struggle as a young man or after he became MSD for the world,’

He added:

“I am 10 years older to him. By the time, he picked up the bat for the first time, I was out of JVM-Shyamali and had also been away from home since 1991.’


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