Gautam Gambhir Once Again Shows Why He Is A Man Of His Word

Former cricketer and politician Gautam Gambhir is a man of words. He has delivered what he promised during the elections and has been able to reduce the size of Asia’s biggest garbage mountain — Ghazipur landfill by at least 40 feet in just a period of 1 year.

On July 23, Gautam Gambhir took to his twitter and shared a few pictures of the landfill and announced the achievement while expressing hard-work and courage can move mountains. In his tweet, Gautam Gambhir reminded people of his promise that he did during the elections time, that is he doesn’t deliver, he will never ever contest the election again. Gautam Gambhir had even promised to convert that area into a Green Space over time. He wrote:

“हिम्मत और मेहनत बड़े से बड़े पहाड़ को भी हिला सकती है Had promised that f I don’t deliver, I will never contest elections again. Asia’s largest garbage mountain in Ghazipur East Delhi down by 40 feet in 1 year!”

Here, check out the Tweet:

On July 28th, Gautam Gambhir took to his twitter once again and expressed his happiness over the achievement. He wrote:

Big talk isn’t for me. All I believe in is staying true to my words & keeping my promises! 40 feet down, hundreds more to go!”

Here, check out the tweet of Gautam Gambhir:

Gautam Gambhir had even listed the issue of Ghazipur landfill that he would like to tackle in his ‘vision document’ for Lok Sabha 2019. As per the reports, Gambhir had stated:

“I want to convert the Ghazipur landfill into a green space the way the Karnal bypass was done. We will also make efforts to utilize the huge amount of waste to convert it into wealth in the form of energy,”

Kudos to Gautam Gambhir for his incredible work for Delhi.

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