Jofra Archer Gave A Fitting Reply To A Troll Who Tried To Lecture Him

Jofra Archer, who is one of the most active cricketers on social media, has been subjected to racial abuse on social media after he was dropped from the second Test of the historic three-match test series against West Indies as he found guilty of breaching the COVID-19 protocols ahead of the second match at Old Trafford.

Among many, a twitter user took tried to take a dig at Jofra Archer and claimed how it’s a good thing that he doesn’t play for team India as he wouldn’t have been able to take the heat. The Twitter user wrote:

“Good thing he doesn’t play for India if you can’t take the heat just don’t play or stop bitching don’t bring racism in everthing as a player you get criticized because people want to see you there playing”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Jofra Archer was quick to notice the tweet and come up with a savage response to it. In his reply, Jofra trolled the Twitter user by asking him to come back to him when he can use his real name and picture. Jofra wrote:

“Come back when you can use your real name and real display picture,”

Here, check out the Tweet:

In his column for the Daily Mail, Jofra Archer revealed that he has been sensing a lot of negativity this week. He talked about the reactions he has been receiving from the people. He wrote:

And I sense a lot of negativity. Whenever something cricket related is posted, the reaction tends to be: he’s over-rated. It gets huge reactions from people. I have played eight Test matches. How can someone be over-rated that has played just eight games?”

Earlier, in an interview, Jofra Archer had revealed how he had to mute his social media accounts and unfollow lots of people to keep his mental sanity in check. He had said:

“Over the last few days, I have unfollowed and muted a lot of social media profiles to get away from it. I won’t be going back on it. I find it unnecessary noise. Take two wickets and everyone is back on the bandwagon again. It’s a fickle, fickle world we live in,”

He added:

“Some of the abuse I have taken over the past few days on Instagram has been racist and I have decided that enough is enough.”

“Since Wilfried Zaha, the Crystal Palace footballer, was abused by a 12-year-old online I drew a line and I will not allow anything to pass, so I have forwarded on my complaints to the ECB and that will go through the correct process,”



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