No. Of Sixes MS Dhoni Has Hit In Different Phases Of The Innings

MS Dhoni has probably been one of the greatest six hitters that the Indian cricket has ever seen along with Kapil Dev, Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh.

If we analyze Dhoni’s six hitting frequency over-wise, we will find that the former Indian captain has not hit a lot of sixes in the first 10 overs of the innings which is completely understandable as he has not opened the batting a lot in his career.

Dhoni has not even batted at no. 3 a lot. He has batted at no. 3 a few times and has played a couple of real impact knocks, but for the most parts of his career, he has batted at no. 5 and no. 6 for India and that’s why most of the sixes that he has hit have come between over no. 30 and over no. 50.

Dhoni, overall, has just hit 4 sixes in the first 10 overs of the innings, 8 sixes from over no. 11 to over no. 20, 33 sixes from over no. 21 to over no. 30, 45 sixes from over no. 31 to 40 and 139 sixes from over no. 41 to over no. 50.

The maximum number of sixes that Dhoni has hit in his career is between over no. 40 and 50 and that’s because he is a really good player of fast bowling.

He handles spin alright as well, but in the second phase of his career, when the left arm spinners bowled just short of a length to him, Dhoni often found it difficult to take them on.

However, Dhoni never had any issues against medium pace bowling right through his career and that’s why he has enjoyed the phase between over no. 40 and 50 the most because the medium pace bowlers are bowling in that phase most of the time.

Most of the subcontinent players, when they hit sixes, they often look for full balls and try to hit it down the ground, but Dhoni was one player who could hit sixes with the horizontal bat as well.

The veteran wicketkeeper batsman has been brilliant with his cut and pull. As a bowler, you can’t limit his six hitting ability by just bowling short to him because he can hit sixes through square leg as well.

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