Only 2 Out Of 10 Fans Would Know These 11 Crazy Records Held By Cricketers

Right since the game of cricket donned on its commercialization façade, it changed into a rat race from being a mere enjoyment for the masses. With every passing day, the game turned into an ugly race of numbers rather than being the entertainment that is supposed to be.

Records and statistics took the front seat while the child putting his foot in those rusty pads to bat to those poorly bowled deliveries became folklore. However, as we are all aware of the fact that the world likes to know about those records and numbers and not the lost stories of the kids whose dreams got shattered in this excruciating rat race, we will bring to you eleven unique World records which you probably did not hear of in the first place. Happy reading.

The highest number of domestic centuries

With the glam of international cricket and the money and fame that come along with it, domestic cricket has long been in the shadows. However, there are still a few cricketers who are like the Gods of domestic cricket and their prevalence in the sport validates their brilliance.

The man who went on to smash the highest number of domestic centuries across the world is Jack Hobbs. Hobbs managed to blast 199 domestic centuries.

The highest test average

You do not simply conjure the highest Test average for yourself which boasts of a figure close to the perfect century unless you are the great Sir Don Bradman. Epitome of batting, Sir Donald Bradman notched up an average of 99.94 in Test cricket. The closest contender to this feat is Sachin Tendulkar who averaged 54.17.

The highest number of international wickets

A bowler toils throughout his life to register the hallowed mark of 300 international wickets which does place him on a pedestal of a decent cricketer, however Sri Lankan spinner, Muttiah Muralitharan boasts of 1347 international wickets which comprise 800 Test wickets, 534 ODI wickets and 13 T20 wickets that puts him 300 scalps clear of his closest counterpart, Shane Warne who has 1001 international wickets.

The highest number of wickets in a Test Match

Veteran English fast bowler, Jim Laker registered 19 wickets in a Test match that featured a 1—wicket haul in the first innings followed by another 9-wicket haul in the second. The only other wicket that could have been a perfect score for Laker, went to Tony Lock.

The highest number of first-class wickets

Wilfred Rhodes penned an incredible record of achieving 4204 First-Class wickets while he also clobbered 39,969 domestic runs to hammer his way to greatness. Inconceivable, ain’t it?

Longest Test career in the history of international cricket

Despite being one of the best cricketers of his era, Tendulkar’s cricketing career only lasted for 24 years. The man who held the ace for this incredulous feat of playing for almost 30 years was none other than Wilfred Rhodes. However, his cricketing career saw a brief halt due to the world war that ravaged the planet at that point in time.

Highest score batting at number 10

Walter Read became the man to register the highest score batting at number 10 in Test cricket as he bludgeoned the bowlers for a substantial 117 that also contributed to the 151 run partnership between him and William Scotton. This feat came against a formidable Australia at Oval.

The highest percentage of runs in a completed innings

Charles Bannerman crafted a meaty 165 that contributed to a feisty 67.34 percent of the total runs (245) made by Australia in the first Test match ever played. Though Michael Slater came close in breaking this effort, he failed to cross the line by a whisker.

Lowest bowling average and strike rate

George Lohmann from England retired from Test cricket with a bowling average of 10.75 and a strike rate of 34.1 with 112 wickets to his name. Before Laker chronicled 9 wickets in an innings, it was Lohmann who achieved the same feat in 1896 against South Africa in the latter’s backyard.

This record has now lasted for more than a century and the criterion was at least 2000 balls bowled.

Oldest Test captain

William Gilbert Grace ruled over the hearts of the English fans with his charisma and his feisty attitude. His active part in a test match that gave birth to the historical ashes is also another feather in his plume of colorful achievements.

He became the oldest test captain to lead England at the age of 50 years and 320 days in 1899. However, realizing shortly that his fitness levels are way below par, he decided to call it quits shortly.

Highest Test score in a debut innings

Reginald Foster smashed a staggering 287 against Australia in his debut innings that created ripple effects across the entire Test cricketing canon. The closest one has come to toppling this record is Jacques Rudolph who could manage 222 runs on his debut against Bangladesh.

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