The Best XI Of Overweight Cricketers

Sports are generally associated with a lean body and utmost fitness. However, Cricket is a unique sport in this regard. In the game of cricket, many overweight players have made it to the international stage. In many instances, you can spot cricket players sporting a pot belly on the field. Let us look at the best XI of players who did not allow their weight to obstruct their path towards success.

Jesse Ryder:

The New Zealand opener was a feared name in International cricket. His explosive nature in batting often gave shivers to the bowlers. However, one factor which often made him the butt of the jokes was his weight. He was termed as ‘too fat to play’ when he was selected to represent New Zealand 2008. However, he proved his doubters wrong and made and forged a successful career for himself.

WG Grace:

Cricket, A picture of legendary WG Grace (William Gilbert Grace) playing cricket. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

William Gilbert Grace is arguably the greatest all-rounder to have played the game. Grace arguably changed the way in which modern batsmanship is looked. Often described the greatest player of all-time WG Grace struggled with a few extra pounds throughout his career.

David Boon:

David Boon was popular for his trademark mustache along with an eye-catching fat on his tummy. He famously fielded on short leg throughout his career due to his incredible girth. However, Boon fought with his weight and made a name for him with his exceptional batting. He scored 7422 runs in 107 test games.

Mike Gatting:

Mike Gatting is most popularly remembered for being on the receiving end of Shane Warne’s ball of the century. However, the fans who saw him play know him better for the few extra pounds he had on him. Gatting never tried losing his weight in a career extending 15 years. He has 4409 runs under his belt in 79 test games.

Inzamam Ul Haq:

The former Pakistani skipper is extremely popular for his chubby figure. There have been folklores which suggest that he avoided running between the wickets due to his laziness. His teammates have also suggested on several occasions that he never worked out. However, his immense batting talent was never hindered by his weight and arguably Inzamam established himself as the best batsman Pakistan has ever produced.

Arjun Ranatunga:

The legendary Sri Lankan captain was the prime reason behind the emergence of Sri Lanka as a cricketing powerhouse. His aggressive captaincy and ability to get under the skin of opposition made him a feared proposition for most opponents. However, his heavy body did not stop Ranatunga from being a livewire on the field.

Sarfaraz Ahmed:

The Pakistani skipper was the butt of a lot of jokes for his weight in Champions Trophy. His potbelly attracted a lot of criticism during Champions Trophy. Sarfaraz Ahmed is also the only active player on the list.

Ryan Harris:

The Australian right-arm fast-medium made his name in IPL as an uncapped player. His impressive performances soon made him a household name in Australia. Harris won several games with his performances and ended up grabbing over 100 wickets in 27 matches.

Shane Warne:

Shane Warne, arguably the greatest spinner ever was always troubled by his weight. Warne who now looks slimmer than what he looked in his playing career had to face a lot due to his weight. He was also banned from cricket for 1 year after consuming prohibited substances which according to him were ‘slimming pills’ prescribed by his mother.

Ramesh Powar:

The Indian spinner was often ridiculed due to his round figures. He is one of the least fit players of his time and it often displayed in his fielding efforts as well. However, the off-spinner was a magician with his fingers and created several moments of magic with his bowling.

Merve Hughes:

The Australian pacer had a larger than life character and shattered many believe associated with pace bowling. The right-hander donned a handlebar mustache and created havoc with his swing bowling. Hughes had 212 wickets in 53 test matches.

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