Top 5 Batsmen Who Have Smashed Most No. Of 4s In The IPL

While T20 is a game of sixes, the fours have their own importance. The risk percentage is often quite high while you are trying to go for a six, but if you are a class player, you can keep the run rate up by hitting fours as well.

Since you are going along the ground most of the time while you are trying to hit a four, the risk percentage is often low in that case.

Here are the top 5 players with most 4s in the IPL –

#1 Shikhar Dhawan:

Shikhar Dhawan has this ability to find the gaps through the infield on a consistent basis and since he bats at the top of the order where he has the advantage of the fielding restrictions, he hits a lot of fours.

For someone who has the ability to play with a really high strike rate, Dhawan is not a frequent six hitter. However, his ability to hit fours frequently is the reason why he maintains a high strike rate. Dhawan has hit a total of 524 fours in the IPL so far.

#2 Suresh Raina:

Suresh Raina doesn’t open the batting, but most of the time, he also walks in at a time when the field is up and only two fielders are patrolling the boundaries. And Raina is a very good player of spin as well. So even when the field spreads, Raina manages to find the gaps, both in front of square and backward of square against the spinners.

Raina has hit a total of 493 fours in the IPL.

#3 Gautam Gambhir:

Gautam Gambhir was a touch player and hardly ever he went for any extravagant shots, either against the fast bowlers or the spinners. He was good on the cut shot and he could drive the ball through the cover region as well.

Gambhir often played the anchor role for the Kolkata Knight Riders and the fact that he was solid at the top of the order allowed the other KKR batsmen to be expressive and extravagant.

Gambhir has a total of 491 fours to his name in the IPL.

#4 Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli’s name in this list is not really a surprise. He might have been a little higher in the list, but in the initial years of the IPL, he didn’t have the opportunity to bat in top 3 for RCB all the time.

However, as he grew in stature, Kohli started batting in top 3 on a regular basis for RCB and is now on his way of topping the list. He currently has 480 fours in his tally and given his current form, he might be at the top of the list in the next couple of years.

#5 David Warner:

David Warner is the only overseas player in this list and that’s not surprising as he is easily the most consistent overseas player in the history of the IPL. He is right up there in the list of the top run getters as well among all the overseas batsmen who have played in the IPL over the years.

Warner had a really fruitful IPL last year as well. The Aussie left-hander has, so far, hit 458 fours in the IPL.


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