Top 5 Batsmen Who Scored The Highest Number Of Runs In Successful ODI Chases

Batting in ODI cricket isn’t really an easy task as you have the pressure of the over-limit catching up while at the same time you will have to hang in there in order to produce remarkable innings with the strike rate of the team remaining afloat at a decent figure.

It gets even more difficult when you are batting second as another pressure of a target is being imprinted on your brain. If it is a considerably modest total that you are chasing, you can be a bit relaxed, however, at times these situations get extremely dicey and can be protracted until the dying embers of the game.

However, keeping all odds stacked up against batsmen, we still have geniuses of the game who not only are great batters but they bring a sense of panache and comfort with them while batting second. It feels as if their brain is working like a super-fast calculator and produces the much-needed figures according to which their batting is influenced. We will look at the five most successful batsmen who produced remarkable knocks while chasing for their team. The criterion for the same is the highest number of runs accumulated while chasing.

5. Adam Gilchrist:

One of Australia’s best openers, Adam Gilchrist was renowned for his crazy wicket-keeping skills which were laced with some phenomenal batting. Known as a fast-scorer, he used to give Australia a feasible platform for the Islanders to execute the kill.

While batting second, his heroics accentuated even more as he racked up a staggering 3750 runs from 90 innings in which he batted second at an astonishing average of 46.87. He hammered 8 centuries and 25 half-centuries while chasing.

4. Jacques Kallis:

Probably one of the greatest all-rounders the sport has ever seen, Kallis has single-handedly toted South Africa on his shoulders for a considerable span of time. He got even more vicious while batting second, as it seemed like he was literally invincible while his team chased mammoth totals.

Out of 110 successful run chases, he has managed to amass 3950 runs at a whopping average of 56.42. He smashed 3 blistering tons and 34 half-centuries.

3. Ricky Ponting:

Probably one of the finest captains that Australia has ever produced, Ricky Ponting was one of the most sublime number three batsmen in the history of cricket. Known for his exotic stroke-play whenever his nation needed him, he turned even more special when Australia chased.

Garnering 4186 runs from 104 innings at an amazing average of 57.34, Punter managed to clobber 8 centuries and 29 half-centuries.

2. Virat Kohli:

Kohli’s batting capability manifolds exponentially when he comes out in the middle to chase. With nerves of steel, the Indian captain likes challenges and loves it, even more, when he himself features in the list that could beat the challenge.

Kohli has spearheaded the battery whenever India needed a specialist batsman in chasing mammoth totals. With a stupendous average of 96.21, Kohli has garnered 5388 runs from 86 innings. The Delhi-based star has 22 hundred and 22 fifties in those 86 successful chases.

1. Sachin Tendulkar:

The master of all records, Sachin Tendulkar aces this list. In this catalog of the most successful batsmen, while chasing, Tendulkar managed to accumulate 5490 runs at an average of 55.45 from 124 innings.

The Little Master has hewn away 14 tons and 31 half-centuries while helping India chase down massive totals.

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