Top 5 Tail-Enders With Most Sixes In Test Cricket

The players who bat toward the lower half of a batting order are known as tail-enders. Generally, the batting position 8-11 is defined as positions for tail-enders. These positions are often reserved for specialist bowlers. Earlier the role of these bowlers was just to take wickets and perform with the bowl. However, the evolution of cricket has made sure that even tail-enders cannot be inept with the bat.

Many bowler have performed exceedingly well with the bat and have left a legacy. Steve Smith who debuted as a tailender is arguably the best test batsman of the current era. However, a lot of tail-enders make their names for their lusty blow and their abilities to clear the boundary. Let us take a look at tail-ender with the maximum number of sixes in test cricket.

Mitchell Starc:

The Australian star is known for his toe-breaking Yorkers. His swing deliveries and bouncy balls can create a lot of pressure on any side. However, his batting has been a big positive for the Australian side. He has the ability to clear the boundaries and loves the mid-wicket and square leg boundary. The fiery pacer has 41 sixes to his name.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh was one of the most adventurous tail-enders for the Indian side. Deep Mid-wicket and Long Off along with Long On were his favorite zones. The player established himself as a power hitter in several forms of cricket and even won a few games for his side. The off-spinner has 42 test sixes under his belt.

Stuart Broad

Whenever Stuart Broad and sixes come in the same sentence, one cannot help but go back to the T20 World Cup game when Yuvraj Singh destroyed him. However, Broad is a decent batsman himself. Stuart Broad is the son of accomplished English opener Chris Broad. Broad has surely inherited a few batting qualities from his talented father. He has 45 sixes in 139 test matches.

Wasim Akram

The Pakistani star redefined test bowling in the 90s. He is often credited with the discovery of reverse swing. However, he was an accomplished batsman himself. The former Pakistani skipper has 50 sixes registered to his name in test matches.

Tom Southee

It would be unfair to tag Southee as a tailender. Tim Southee has won many games for his nation with his explosive batting. The New Zealand star has 72 sixes under his belt which is by far the best in test games amongst tail-enders.

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