We Have Found The 10 Best Tweets On MS Dhoni

In these trying circumstances where an Indian fan has not seen cricket for ages now, memories of sweet cricketing moments are bound to flood in to rekindle their halcyon moments of the past. Similarly, we have decided to bring back to you the best of tweets about Dhoni which proves the fact that in the span of the last 16 years, India evolved in the ablest hands and the man himself evolved into the Titan from a young lad with the long hair.

Spanning from his first appearance in cricket to his first century that left Pakistan floored that walked down to the memory lanes to his emphatic triumph in the T-20 World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup and finally the ICC Champions Trophy, Dhoni turned himself into a household God worshipped by the entire nation. Here are the tweets that sum up Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

1. A user tweeted, “Indian cricket team: Ganguly gave it a spine. Kumble gave it a heart. Dhoni gave it brains. Now, Kohli is giving it guts.”


2. Another user of this micro-blogging site cited, “Between “who is this new player with long hair” to #Thankyoudhoni we all grew up.”

3. When Dhoni gave up his captaincy in the shorter formats, a Pakistani follower tweeted, “Hats off to him. A Pakistani fan :)”

4. Someone pointed out to his sportsmanship traits and quoted, “Cool, modest, humble, sportsman, fighter. MS Dhoni has more qualities than the runs he made, stumps he took & matches he won #ThankYouDhoni”

5. Another follower highlighted his journey, saying, “MS Dhoni’s 10 years challenge At the end of 2009, his ODI average was 50.82. Right now it is 50.81. It is 0.01 less but we will take it. #10yearchallenge”

6. A few of his fans simply refused to believe that Dhoni can call it quits, as one of the quoted, “Not Finished, still more to come from Dhoni.”

7. A few drew a comparison between Dhoni and Bollywood movies as a tweet read, “Mahendra Singh Dhoni to all his critics. #AusvInd #INDvAUS”

8. Probably the best of the lot was saved for the last as fans drew a contrast between Dhoni and one of the best TV series of all time, “Friends” as they quoted, “Chandler: I can’t cry Monica: Dhoni stepped down from the captaincy of Team India.”

9. A few fans talked about Dhoni’s childhood and yet how he changed himself into one of the best in the world. They tweeted, “You don’t learn leadership quality in an institution. A two year drop out in school & still the best leader.”

10. People also pointed out how Dhoni changed the game into a religion for himself and his followers, quoting, “Cricket Wasn’t Just A Game For Him, It Was A National Duty. And He Did Every Bit Of Justice To It.”

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