5 Dream Combinations We Want To See In The Indian Premier League

In a reality where clubbing your favourite cricketers for one single team is nothing but an extravagant fantasy, fans have always voiced their vociferous opinions on how exactly not a whole lot of players but a couple of them for the same franchise could satiate their thirst.

We will look at five combinations of cricketers that IPL fans want in their beloved sides desperately and also holds the belief that on one fine day or in one fine reality these fabled combinations will actually come to pass.

​​1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli for Chennai Super Kings

We all are aware of the fact that how the partnership of these two Indian captains, one former and the other being present, can take the match away from your opponents in a flash.

Kohli is currently India’s finest batsman and continues to proliferate at his own sweet rate which has already been overwhelming for others to match. Dhoni established himself as India’s finest finisher and also the best wicket-keeper of the world. The burly striker of the ball takes the field at number 5 or 6, peppering the field with those massive hits. The ability to anchor the innings in him alongside his flair to hammer the cherry hard makes him one of the best cricketers in the cash-rich league.

The duo shares 9844 IPL runs amongst them from 367 games played between them, which is a staggering figure in the context of T-20 cricket.

Now given the glamorous side, Chennai already is, if these two join forces at the heart of them, IPL will play host to one of the deadliest synergies of all time.

​2. ​Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar for Sunrisers Hyderabad

Given the glittering set of bowlers that Hyderabad already has up their sleeves, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar continues to lead the bowling attack for the orange army. With 133 wickets from 117 games, the Indian head of their pace glitterati has effectively established himself amongst the best in the ranks of Hyderabad.

Bumrah has been a substantial name in the colours of Mumbai and has emerged as their best fast bowler in the preceding edition of the tournament with 19 wickets. His consistent ability to rock the deck hard with those picture-perfect yorkers has made him stand out amongst his compatriots.

Once again, like Kohli and Dhoni, these two have also left traces of unstoppable carnage on their opposition in the international circuit, together. Sharing 215 wickets amongst them at a decent rate of 7.5 in the staggering number of overs bowled, if both of them starts playing together for Hyderabad, there would be no stopping to the insuperable Orange army.

​​3. Abraham Benjamin De Villiers and Andre Russel for Royal Challengers Bangalore

Barring a couple of seasons, RCB has always struggled to find the right chord for themselves in this extravagant domestic cricketing showdown as they have always been reduced the combination of ABD and Kohli.

Despite onboarding several illustrious players, they failed to get going and most importantly has lacked a middle-order batsman who can smash those massive sixers.

Andre Russell, the man who led KKR to a lion’s share of their victories in the precursor edition of the tournament, would be the perfect solution to this conundrum in the RCB middle order.

With Kohli and ABD lined up to set the platform for a big score, Russell’s preamble to this squad would buoy them on confidence and will help them to post a mammoth total on the cards or chase down an impossible sum of runs.

Setting an example for others in the preceding edition of this fray, Russell led KKR in hopeless situations to file a strong case for them while ABD continued to be the massive support in uplifting the likes of RCB to a respective position with his blinding knocks.

On any given day if this duo can be roped in by RCB, this would ring a significant knell of the upsurge for the Bangalore dreams.

​​4. Sunil Narine and Rashid Khan for Kolkata Knightriders

With Kuldeep Yadav and Sunil Narine in their illustrious ranks already wreaking havoc in the opposition’s calculations of navigating the mazes of twenty overs successfully, the addition of Rashid Khan will be utterly devastating for any other IPL team.

An enigmatic legend in the making, Rashid Khan has several weapons up his arsenal which has always left the batsmen facing him, dazed and confused. He is also an effective user of the skitters to baffle the batsmen further.

Sunil Narine has already surpassed the billing label pasted on him as he had a very crucial role to play in the two successful bids from KKR in notching up the IPL trophy.

If this duo joins forces for the Kolkata brigade in any single edition of the fray, it will be extremely tormenting for the batsmen to wring themselves free from the menacing clutches of these magicians as they will share a crucial 8 overs between themselves.

​5. ​Rohit Sharma and David Warner for Mumbai Indians

The defending champions of Indian Premier League have the best set of batsmen in their ranks with some hellish consistent figures who fire on a daily basis. Indian opener and vice-captain, Rohit Sharma spearheads the lot. However, if there is one position that the Mumbai Indians would want to be bolstered is the opening. Despite Sharma being in the ranks, he usually comes at number​​ three to accommodate Suryakumar Yadav and De Kock at the top of the innings.

The dream duo of openers for Mumbai Indians will always be the introduction of David Warner to their opening ranks. A southpaw of tremendous hitting flair, he can consign the bowlers in any corner of the world effortlessly.

Sharma is another carefree big hitter of the cherry who can flip games in the blink of an eye with his brutal onslaught.

A dream opening combination in the form of Sharma and Warner will absolutely be unputdownable, especially if they are hailed for the invincible Mumbai Indians.

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