5 Times Ravi Ashwin Outsmarted People With His Verbal ‘Carom’ Deliveries

The current crop of Indian players is indeed a wild assortment of cricketers who spans from the calmest veterans to the most exciting youngsters. To make the classification more narrowed and precise, cricketers are further segregated into various formats of the sport.

The competition across the sport is so vertiginous that one miscued step and a hero across all the three formats of the sport can be reduced to one. Such is the case of India’s premium offie, Ravichandran Ashwin.

Once an intrinsic part of all the three formats of the sport, Ashwin now spearheads India’s spinning department in the longest format of the game.

Being a major threat with those magic-weaving fingers, Ashwin commands India’s slow bowling and also chips in with crucial cameos scoring important runs towards the end of the innings.

Apart from being a phenomenal cricketer on the pitch, Ashwin is also one of the wittiest athletes off the pitch too.

His witty replies on the mic and Twitter has made him a fan favourite and he still continues to be one of the gentlest cricketers despite suffering the brunt of his supporters’ ire regarding his mankading incident in IPL. We will look at five wittiest replies from Ashwin that won over the internet.

1. In this occasion, it was Ashwin’s better half who posted a message on Twitter, celebrating their eight years of marriage, “8 with @ashwinravi99. Hard work.”

Ashwin replied in the funniest ways possible that won over his fans across the nation as he commented, “Hard work never fails.”


  1. In a controversy regarding the protection environment, Ashwin preached about saving the environment. However, a few over smart fans always wanted to showcase their wits over the cricketing geniuses of India. In an attempt to such a fan tweeted, “Good…it is the responsibility of every citizen including celebrities.”

Ashwin stunned him with one of the humblest replied ever, claiming, “I never claimed to be a celebrity, I play a game I love and that doesn’t make me any different. As for the other so-called popular people, it’s not my prerogative. So to have a go at me with your preconceived notions needs to be given a second thought.”


  1. Another Twitter user wanted to troll Ashwin for his performances. The Indian spinner always stays on top of his social media game and this was another classic example of the same. He responded to the user saying, “@azad317 I wanted to archive your tweet, then thought for a minute and decided it might not be worth my time. “


  1. Since we already mentioned about the mankading incident a fan tried to troll him on social media, rekindling those ugly memories. Ashwin took to Twitter to express his liking for the movie, “Kumbalangi Nights”. He tweeted, “What a beautifully crafted movie this kumbalangi nights is!!! simple storyline but such elegance”!

However, the user commented, “Yes the same elegance in which you out @josbuttler.”

It seemed that Ashwin was just getting geared up as his next response left the user stunned.  The offie commented, “Of course.. precision.”


  1. Finally came Ashwin’s masterstroke as he schooled a Pakistani fan for trolling India’s Paralympics performances.

Ashwin tweeted, “So these exceptionally talented men and women continue to inspire the nation. Well done #DeepaMalik #legend

Unfortunately, the Pakistani fan could not take the praise of Indians and ended up commenting, “1.2 billion population and just 4 medals. LOL”

Ashwin paid him back in the same coin as he tweeted, “@mufc_affanf9 ranked as high as no 6 in the population chart, I wish you to go for the second medal. All the best brothers and sisters.”

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