5 World Records Held By Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni surprised one and all with his sudden retirement from international cricket today. While everyone knew that Dhoni was in the twilight of his career, nobody actually expected him to put out a post on social media and finish his career in a jiffy.

While Dhoni’s international career has ended, he will go down in the history books as one of India’s greatest cricketers of all time. Here are the 5 world records that Dhoni holds –

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Only captain to win all three ICC trophies

MS Dhoni is the only captain ever who has won all the ICC majors under his captaincy. He started his captaincy stint winning the T20 World Cup in 2007 and then went on to win the ODI World Cup and the Champions Trophy in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

There are captains who have won T20 World Cup twice or the ODI World Cup twice, but nobody, except Dhoni, has won all the three ICC majors.

Wicket-keeper with most stumpings

No other wicket-keeper in the game has as many stumpings to his name as MS Dhoni and that was a true testimony to his ability behind the stumps. He was an absolute magician with the gloves while keeping wickets against the spinners, in all formats of the game.

The ease with which Dhoni whipped the bails off against the spinners on some of the square turners in India, it was a treat to watch. Dhoni has a total of 178 stumpings to his name in international cricket.

Most number of not outs in ODI cricket

Dhoni is arguably the greatest finisher that the game of cricket has ever seen and his greatest quality was that he would never leave it to someone else to finish the job. He would remain unbeaten at the crease till the very end and finish the job himself.

Dhoni has remained not out 78 times in ODI cricket and on most of those occasions, India won the game.

Wicket-keeper to bowl the maximum number of times

The wicket-keepers generally don’t bowl at any level, let alone international cricket, but Dhoni, despite being a wicket-keeper, was very enthusiastic about his bowling and would just look for the opportunities to roll his arm over.

Dhoni has bowled in as many as 9 international matches. The wicket-keeper who is the second in the list in terms of bowling in the most number of international matches is William Storer and he bowled in only 4 games.

Possessing the most expensive cricket bat

Dhoni put his bat, with which he had played the glorious knock of 91 runs in the ODI World Cup final against Sri Lanka in 2011, up for sale in an auction and his bat was eventually bought for a hundred thousand British pounds at that point of time.

Dhoni used that money for charity purposes and donated it to a charity foundation set up by his wife.

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