Aakash Chopra Believes India Can Do Well Even Without MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, the former Indian skipper’s career has become one of the most discussed topics in the cricket fraternity. While several cricketers and cricket experts are busy making predictions about his future in international cricket, former Indian opener and now commentator Aakash Chopra feels that his presence would not matter much during the T20 World Cup as he recently gave his opinion on the ongoing debate on MS Dhoni’s presence in the 2021 T20 World Cup for team India.

Recently, while answering questions on his YouTube channel Aakash Chopra was asked if MS Dhoni’s presence in the T20 World Cup squad would be crucial to team India winning the cup at home. Answering the question, Aakash Chopra stated that the Indian cricket team can perform well even without the presence of MS Dhoni, especially considering the fact the mega-tournament would be played in late 2021. He said:

“I think we can manage without him, let’s be honest. Because we are talking about 2021.”

He added:

“It is in India and you definitely want Dhoni to be there in the team and want him to play.”

However, he also pointed out the important question that if MS Dhoni wants to even play or not? He said:

“But first thing, does Dhoni want to play? I have been saying this like a broken record that I feel he doesn’t want to play.

“But even if he is available, we are talking about 2021. It is still more than a year to go when that World Cup will happen in India. So, we have to get used to manage without him and I think will get used to it by then.”

Aakash Chopra concluded by saying that MS Dhoni’s presence is not so critical that the Indian team cannot win the World Cup without him. He said:

“So I feel his presence is not so important that if he is not there you will not win the World Cup.”


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