Harsha Bhogle Shared Sourav Ganguly’s Impact As The BCCI President

Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly is regarded as one of the greatest skippers to have played for team India. He is also one of the most successful skippers of team India, who is credited for introducing the modern cricket to team India. He took over as the BCCI President in October 2019, after having served for more than 5 years at the Cricket Association of Bengal.

Recently, popular cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle revealed that he believes that Sourav Ganguly would bring a welcoming change in the working of the BCCI. In an interaction with Sawera Pasha on the Youtube show CricCast, he was asked if he had seen any change in the BCCi after Sourav Ganguly took over as the President of BCCI.

Responding to the same, Harsha said that it is too early to observe a change while maintaining that the impact would be visible in the upcoming days. He said:

“Not as of now. But it will happen. Because after he came the effect of the Lodha commission was still there, a Chief Executive was there. There was a rule that you need to take a break after 6 years. That rule if it will change or not is not known.”

He appreciated Sourav Ganguly’s ability to take quick decisions. He said:

“It was a little adhoc but he takes decisions quickly. The moment he came the first thing he said was that we will play a day-night Test match. And the day-night Test match happened in Kolkata. There were some difficulties, few issues were there but he showed that it can be done.”

Furthermore, Harsha expressed that he hopes Sourav Ganguly gets an entire three-year term as the BCCI President, while observing that all cicketers can’t shoulder that responsibility. He said:

“I hope he gets 3 years as the BCCI president. Every cricketer cannot become a Board president. It is a fallacy of people that they feel that if they have played cricket that they have become the best professor of Geography, became a scientist, can predict an earthquake, became an economist, that they can do anything. That is not the case.”

He added:

Some cricketers are there who know everything about cricket but there is also a life outside cricket, he has come from a business family, he can understand business and administration.

Harsha concluded by stating that once the Indian cricket administration is relieved from the shadows of the court, the game will get fredom. He said:

“That’s why I feel that he will become a good Board president. We will see now, still our cricket is stuck a little in the courts and the day we get freedom from the court, our cricket will bloom even more.

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