Here are all the official sponsors of the IPL since 2008 And How Much They Paid

IPL, without a shadow of doubt, is the biggest cricketing league in the world, but even if you take all the sports into account, IPL is still one of the biggest leagues.

Because of the rate at which IPL has grown over the last 12 years and is still growing, most of the brands want to be associated with it.

However, right now, IPL finds itself in a tricky scenario where the 13th edition of the tournament is only about five weeks away and the tournament doesn’t have an official sponsor.

Let’s have a look at all the official sponsors that IPL has had over the years –

#1 DLF

DLF was the first ever official sponsor of the IPL. They had a 5-year contract with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the contract ran from 2008 to 2012. DLF paid 200 crore Indian Rupees to buy the sponsorship rights of the IPL.

However, once DLF’s contract finished in 2012, they decided not to extend it any further and BCCI had to release a fresh tender for the sponsorship rights.

#2 Pepsi

The bid opening price in the new tender was 300 crore which meant the new sponsors would be paying BCCI at least 1.5 times the money that the previous sponsors DLF had paid.

It was Pepsi which eventually ended up buying the rights at a price of 396.8 crore INR and they continued their association with the BCCI from 2012 to 2015.

However, at the end of the 2015 season, Pepsi abruptly ended their contract as the brand IPL had suffered a bit of a setback because of the hearing of the spot fixing scandal in the Supreme Court of India.

Pepsi had a couple of years remaining in their contract when they pulled out.


After Pepsi pulled itself out of the deal, the Chinese brand VIVO came into the picture. BCCI initially awarded the IPL sponsorship rights to VIVO for 2 years at the price of 200 crore INR before they released another tender in 2017.

VIVO won the bid in the fresh tender and the cost at which BCCI sold them the sponsorship rights for a period of 5 years was a whopping 2199 crore INR.

The percentage increase in the cost of the sponsorship rights to the previous cost was almost 454% which was a testimony to the fact how big a brand IPL had become.

#4 Amazon, Byju’s, Dream11 in the race

Just ahead of IPL 2019, VIVO pulled out as well, as they thought there was a lot of negativity surrounding their brand name in India because of the fact they were a Chinese company. However, the company made it clear that they were pulling out only temporarily and would return for IPL 2021.

There were already demands in India for BCCI to cut their ties with VIVO, but before BCCI could make a decision, VIVO itself walked away.

Now, BCCI are looking for new sponsors for this year’s IPL and the three brands which are believed to be in the race are Amazon, Byju’s and Dream11.



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