Suresh Raina Suffered A Huge Personal Loss And He Will Now Miss The IPL 2020

Just as the Indian fans were still getting accustomed to the fact that Suresh Raina will not be playing this year’s IPL, another deafening news has rocked the cricket roster that says that Suresh Raina’s uncle was killed while his aunt is in critical condition after a midnight attack.

It was an attack in Pathankot’s Thariyal village on August 19th when the entire family was sleeping on the terrace. The unidentified attackers targeted the family members with lethal weapons at midnight while they were deep in their sleep.
It is claimed that Astha Devi, sister of Raina’s father is fighting for her life in the hospital, while his uncle, Ashok Kumar succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the age of 58. Deceased Ashok Kumar’s mother who is 80 years old also sustained serious injuries in the attack.
The police have accelerated their inquest after discovering Raina’s link to the family. A team of police and forensic experts have collected details from the spot and sniffer dogs were also used in the scene to ensure that every single trace of the attackers’ presence can be mapped.

Atop this serious unfolding, Suresh Rains has backed out from Indian Premier League, quoting family reasons. Now with this at the back of the mind, things can get extremely ugly here if this was the reason that Raina referred to.

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