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10 Best Tweets On Faf du Plessis’ Two Brilliant Catches Against Mumbai Indians

Catches win matches is an ancient proverb in cricket that has come to life in the most blazing way in today’s encounter.

Just when it felt that Mumbai Indians is well placed to hammer a formidable score on the board, two brilliant catches from Faf Du Plessis has derailed the dreams of the men in blue.

First to depart was a set Saurabh Tiwary who wanted to smack Jadeja over the long on and almost found the rope if not for an excellent catch in the deep by Faf Du Plessis. He jumped up high and plucked out a screamer off the air and when he realised that his follow through was going to land him across the rope, he popped it in the air, stepped outside the rope and came back in to pouch a comfortable catch.

The second one to depart was Hardik Pandya when he wanted to thrash Jadeja flat over the long off. A cracking shot left his bat and stuck in the safe arms of the former South Africa captain, Du Plessis, who timed his jump to perfection. This catch was a lot more difficult as the ball was hit alot harder and it was flatter, travelling straight to Du Plessis.

Twitter couldn’t keep calm as they exploded in reacting to these stunners.

ESPN tweeted, “If the first one was superb, the second one is an absolute stunner!
Won’t you give Faf du Plessis’ catch to dismiss Hardik Pandya a 10/10?”

The second tweet read, “Man, again what a catch from Faf Du Plessis. What a rightly timed jump from him, he’s such a brilliant fielder. Another one down for Mumbai Indians.”

NDTV tweeted, “WICKET! Faf du Plessis takes a brilliant catch at the fence to send Saurabh Tiwary packing for 42 I MI 121/4
#MIvCSK #MIvsCSK #IPL2020 #IPL13 #CSK ”

Another tweet read, “OUT! Fine catch taken by Faf du Plessis at the long on boundary as Saurabh Tiwary departs for 42, Jadeja getting his first wicket in the process
#MI 121/4 after 14.1 overs”.

Another twitter post read, “That will be go into shortlist for one of the best catch of this tournament.
Faf Du Plessis with the perfect balance on the boundary line.”

The praises simply didn’t stop as another tweet read, “Best IPL catch in this week would be ” Faf du plessis” catch of Hardik Pandya #IPLAnokhaMoments

Another cricket lover stated, “Amazing how Faf du Plessis not only made sure the catch was clean but also made sure he didn’t step on his glasses while having to worry about his feet, ropes and the ball #IPL2020 #mivcsk”


Gulf Sports tweeted, “WICKET! Faf du Plessis, very much a part of the Dad’s Army at 35, brings off a brilliant catch to see the back of Sourabh Tiwary.”

HT Sports tweeted, “#IPL2020 #MIvCSK | GONE! Sensational catch from Faf du Plessis in the deep to get rid of Saurabh Tiwary. He departs for 42, MI 121/4”


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