10 Best Tweets on Mayank Agarwal’s Brilliant Innings Against Delhi Capitals

If there was one man who changed the entire complexion of the game for Kings XI Punjab in the latter half of the game that was Mayank Agarwal.
A man who started on an extremely tardy note managing only 13 runs from the first 20 balls, moved into a steadier note in his next 20 balls, hammering crucial 29 runs to see him cruising into the killer mode. In the last 20 balls, he blasted 47 runs, emulating a closer feat to that of Marcus Stoinis.

Source: IPLT20.COM
Despite failing to cross the winning line, there were several reasons for his innings to be highlighted as one of the best knocks of IPL. Firstly it was under pressure, secondly, he was the lone warrior at the other end, and thirdly he played most of the innings with a straight bat, a rare spectacle in cricket these days, especially with the advance of T-20 cricket.
Twitter was left in utter awe of this youngster and could not hold back to their overwhelming emotions seeing him bat. It was not just a great knock but a classic cricketing knock that had class stamped all over it. We will look at the ten best tweets on Mayank Agarwal’s brilliant innings.
The first tweet read, “Preity Zinta to Mayank Agarwal”

Another tweet quoted, “Le Mayank Agarwal rn :- Innings Barbaad”

Many fans were disappointed with the choices made by Punjab as another comment read, “KL Rahul, Pooran, Maxwell for super over. Mayank Agarwal:”
A user summed up the brilliance of Mayank’s innings with this tweet, “Mayank Agarwal tonight: First 39 balls: 38 runs. Last 21 balls: 51 runs. •One of the finest knock under pressure by him, deserved to taste the victory the way he performed.”

Humour was ever-present in the tweets as another one read, “I am so glad Mayank Agarwal’s parents didn’t force him to open a Mithai shop.”

The disappointment was evidently clear in the fans’ voice as another tweet read, “Mayank Agarwal to his teammate:”
The praises kept on coming as another user commented, “Do not forget this Innings. What an innings played by Mayank Agarwal. Absolute champion Knock.!!”

Another humorous tweet read, “Mayank Agarwal – For RCB For KXIP”

A user on the micro-blogging site posted, “Bs ye heart wining tha, #mayankAgarwal, This man deserve tarife”

The final tweet will be enough to send the entire nation into splits as it read, “After watching Rohit Sharma’s innings and Mayank Agarwal’s innings, the new slang should be ‘Agarwal ji ke ladke ko dekh’……..”

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